November 29, 2014

the house in my dreams

There's a house that lives in my dreams.  It is a very large house with elegant Victorian details, secret rooms that have been long forgotten and an abandoned, untouched aura about the rooms. 

It is located in my hometown, a hilltop in Italy or a misty parish somewhere in England, I’m not sure. The location is always different but the house is the same. 

 This would be my view

and the entry into my intimate courtyard

 that leads into a sunken colorful garden

fancy shutters are a must on the windows

a private courtyard for entertaining my friends

I can even feed my pet giraffe 
from my bedroom window

 now we may enter through the front door

 jewelry tiebacks accent my windows

and of course, there are plenty of hidden doors

that lead to my inner sanctuary 

a wardrobe built-in to the wall leads to different rooms

 of course there’s a chandelier in my favorite color

 a place to relax

 and another cozy nook for reading

 there’s always a grand staircase in my dreams

like the ones from Gone with the Wind

the staircase does not lead me to Rhett, 
but to long unexplored rooms

 like this one from Alex Raskin Antiques...

 and this one

and this one

or this one

 then I could just slide down
to another secret garden

Do you ever dream of 
visiting the same unknown place?

ciao! fabiana


Fiordelisa said...

Will you have blog readers as guests for Saturday morning cappuccino and biscotti? In one of the gardens? (Hint: I would like an invite. :-)

Unknown said...

This is a true dream home. I want in

Anonymous said...

It would very much be my pleasure to visit your home in fact it sounds very much like my own home. Ciao


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