November 30, 2014

an interview with kim rodosky of 503 found

503found is one of my favorite, go-to  shops for home furnishings and accessories. They offer unique d├ęcor made by artisans from all over the world and here locally in Orange County. 

It's also fun that they incorporate vintage finds to their store, which I love. Interior design services, large and small, are also offered at 503found to help you create an eclectic, timeless, and functional home

I was so happy to interview Kim Rodosky, one of the founders and talented designers of 503found. I'm so impressed that this mother of six can pull together a gorgeous home for her own family and also run a successful business. Here are some of her insights for creating a gorgeous home.

Kim Rodosky
photo by Ryan Garvin

1.  What's an unexpected place to display one-of-a-kind, personal finds?

“I think a unique, unexpected place to display one-of-a-kind, personal finds would be in the guest bathroom. You always have people coming in and out and no one really expects to see anything unique in a bathroom. Very unexpected! “

2. Do you have suggestions for filling vacant wall space?

I always recommend filling with art and family photos. I love blending the two to make a gallery wall. Art, mirrors, family photos - you can take up a lot of wall space with those elements.” 

3.   My favorite vintage scores are ...

Art! I've found amazing vintage art pieces scouring finds for 503found. They are usually really affordable and are some of my most treasured pieces.“

4.  One design rule you always break?

I don't follow a lot of design rules, but I guess I always break mixing patterns. I love mixing unexpected colors and patterns!“

5.   Best place to spend $500 on decor?

503found in Newport Beach of course! We have great accessories, vintage art, tabletop decor, candles, turkish towels, pillows and more - all under $500.” 

My favorite picks at 503found:

ciao! fabiana

located in Cannery Village

503 31st Street  Newport Beach, California

(949) 877-0147

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