November 2, 2014

breakfast by Bette Davis

This is the perfect recipe for a Sunday morning, or anytime you have leftover steak and potatoes. We have made it many times without the beets, but now I am in the habit of just roasting a few beets the night before. I thought the recipe got it's name from the color of the beets, but as legend goes, a red flannel shirt would be all Ms. Davis wore when she prepared this dish! It’s hearty and yummy and the whole family will love it!  
Bette Davis’ Red Flannel Hash
2 cups cooked corned beef (or leftover steak)
3 cups cold boiled potatoes
1 ½ cups cooked beets
¼ cup of cream or ½ & ½
Chop the beef, potatoes and beets.  Season with salt and pepper and moisten with cream.   Put into hot buttered ironware frying pan.  Stir and spread evenly.  Brown slowly over medium heat.  Serve with poached  or fried eggs on top.

ciao! fabiana

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