September 4, 2015

halloween carnival at roger's gardens

A mysterious traveling carnival has pulled into town.  Tent doors flap amidst the dry, swirling autumn wind.  The night crackles with an odd vibration, as if a veil of peculiarity has settled over these hallowed grounds.  A maelstrom of sights, sounds, smells, and people… 

This is Halloween at Roger¹s Gardensthis is Carnival !

Halloween at Roger's Gardens premiered this week.  It's always a fun way to get inspired for the fall season.  As you wander through the beautiful gardens, prepare yourself as you are pulled from the shadows into the vortex of the Big Top.  This isn't your garden-variety nursery anymore!  They have prepared four tents just for you.  
•        The Magician’s Tent: Lurking in the shadows, a world of magic beckons in a color palette of red, white and black.  Spells will be cast with top hats, rabbits, magic wands, and other props that await your sleight of hand.
•        The Fortune Teller’s Tent:  In this colorful, gypsy-inspired den you can connect with the spirits, get lost in the gaze of a crystal ball, and explore vintage merchandise and Day of the Dead accessories
•        The Medicine Man’s Tent: Pick your poison. It¹s all here.  Conjure up a frightfully festive mood with the creepy cabinet of curiosities.  Loaded with slithering snakes, nibbling rats and hair-raising spiders, the creepy crawlers will frighten off the most intrepid visitors.
•        The Sideshow Tent:  Navigating the twists and turns of our Big Top may lead you (spirits willing) to the side show, to which no carnival is ever complete.  Be awed by beautifully adorned masks, gourmet candy, and one-of-a-kind collectibles created by talented artisans.

Roger's Gardens is just the place to help conjure up inspiration for the dark, haunted chamber you call home.  Enter if you dare… I hope you will stop by the Halloween Boutique in person.  You won't be sorry!  

You know how much I love a great tablescape, 
and here are some of my picks from Roger's that would
 look great for a spooky Halloween dinner party!

ciao! fabiana

September 3, 2015

a different kind of lily for fall

Liriope is one of my favorite, easy-to-grow garden plants, and this time of the year, they produce tons of these lovely little lavender flowers.      
Also known as Lilyturf, it’s also a great ground cover that does well in sun or shade.  Do you have any growing in your garden?    

ciao! fabiana

September 2, 2015

#rhony reunion show

I loved the Real Housewives of New York this season,
and I think I may be having withdrawals now that it's over.  

I thought Sonja was quite funny 
and hurray for her with the launch of her clothing line, finally!

Dorinda was a great addition this season, 
especially her time with Carole in London.

I've always been a fan of Carole's .
She's so chic! And I love her apartment!

Ramona was much more relatable this season.
Usually, I'm so terrified of her! 

Luann redeemed herself with the
"Be cool, don't be like... uncool" comment. 
Memorable and funny.

I warmed up to Bethenny throughout the season, 
but Heather was a pain in the a$$ and thank goodness
she is finally retiring the "Hollah!" which reminds me of
challah bread, for some reason, so that's weird.

Kristen didn't have much to offer this season or at the reunion...
and what was with that Rapunzel hair?  I don't get it!

Who were your faves this year?

ciao! fabiana

5 pretty bamboo desk chairs

A bamboo chair is the perfect accent for a home work space. I am seeing this look more and more and really love it! And the good news is, you can still pick up one of these vintage chairs at a second hand store for next to nothing. Painting it a fun color is another great option. Then add an interesting fabric for the cushion, and you’re all set! 

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:
Coastal Living
Annsley Interiors
House of Turquoise

September 1, 2015

september sunflowers

Nothing says “September” more than a bunch of fresh sunflowers.
And they are so affordable right now!

ciao! fabiana


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