August 12, 2015

the ladies of london are back!

I feel like we have been waiting forever for Ladies of London to return. I’m so excited!  This was my favorite tv indulgence of last summer.   You may be happy to know that Ladies of London season 2 kicks off Monday, September 7 on Bravo.  

Caroline, Annabelle, Marissa, Juliet, and Julie (she is married to the Earl of Sandwich and has now been upgraded to full time cast member) are returning. 

As I hoped, Caprice and Noelle are out, making room for Sophie Stanbury (friend of) and Caroline Fleming (full time and pictured above).  Caroline Fleming or the other Caroline, is the former host of “Denmark’s Next Top Model”, and she was born a Baroness into one of Denmark’s oldest families, is a mother of three children and was married to Rory Fleming, nephew of Bond creator Ian Fleming.  

Friend to the show, Sophie Stanbury has been long-time friends with Caroline Stanbury, who introduced her to her brother Alex, and they are now sisters-in-law. 

ciao! fabiana


  1. Oh this sounsd amazing. I need to watch this TOMORROW!

  2. I love that show too!!! ha!!


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