August 16, 2015

Tommy Bahama's pina colada cake

Celebrate summer with a little more than classic rum punch and umbrellas in drinks. For those of you with a sweet tooth, the Tommy Bahama Pina Colada cake is a favorite among restaurant guests. 

This light cake is of full of texture and flavor.  It is covered in toasted coconut and layered with white chocolate mousse and crushed pineapple. 

Each cake layer is generously brushed with rum which provides flavor and keeps the cake moist.  Now you can make this cake at home with this great adapted recipe that is perfect for the weekend. 

Tommy Bahama always embraces the island-lifestyle with yummy flavors and the relaxed attitude that reminds us to“ Make Life One Long Weekend”.

Pina Colada Cake

1 box Pillsbury Deluxe White Cake Mix 
1 box Swiss Chalet White Chocolate Mousse 
1 Quart Heavy Cream 
½ Cup dark rum 
8 oz Crushed Pineapple-drained 
½ Cup Toasted Coconut

Bake cake as directed in 2 - 9" x 12" rounds. Cool. Slice off rounded top level with baking pan and cut each cake into 2 layers (4 cake layers in total). Make Mousse according to the directions.  After the mousse mixture is complete, slowly add heavy cream. Increase speed until mousse and heavy cream are incorporated. Continue whipping until stiff.

Assembly: Generously brush each layer of the cake with rum.  Spread the mousse mix evenly ¼" thick on the first layer. Sprinkle with some of the pineapple. Top with next cake layer and again, spread with mousse then pineapple. Continue with each layer. The layers of the cake and mousse should be the same height. Coat the sides and top with the mousse mix. Sprinkle toasted coconut over the finished cake.

To Serve: Cut into 8 pieces and serve at room temperature.

ciao! fabiana

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