August 2, 2015

entertaining alfresco

some of my favorite tips... 

*Greenery from the garden and candles are the perfect combination for setting an outdoor table.  Bring out some interesting accessories from indoors to add ambiance.

*Have fun with your seating, your chairs do not all need to be the same. 

*Decide whether you want your dinner to have a rustic feel or a more elegant feel as you plan your gathering.

*Set the mood with creative candle light and globe lights hung above the table.

*Keep the surroundings simple and focus on your beautiful table. 

*Save yourself lots of return trips to the kitchen by staging a pretty table near your dinner table with the things you might need during your meal, such as extra water and wine, linens, and condiments.

*Cold food is often an easier choice than hot food, unless you have a barbecue or warming pad near to the table. Salads, sliced vegetables, fruit, pasta, and cheeses work well for alfresco dining.

ciao! fabiana

photo credit: this old house.

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