September 10, 2011

closets are a girl's best friend

Khloe's kloset

Stylish celebs need stylish closets 
to stash all their fabulous stuff.  

We can ooh and aah 
a little at all the creative and gorgeous 
ways these fashionistas store their goodies. 

Here we go....  

Kourtney's kloset

Kim's kloset
Kyle Richards

Lisa Vanderpump

Rachel Zoe

Jessica Alba

Nicky Hilton

Christina Aguilera

Olivia Wilde

Mariah Carey

Greta Garbo

Joan Crawford


ciao! fabiana

images from elle decor, InStyle & Architecural Digest

new vintage fashion

Banana Republic has a line of fashion 
out that is inspired by the 
glamorous mid-century TV series, 
Mad Men. 

The colors are neutral and subdued 
compared to most of the gals' clothing from the show...
 so what do you think?

Would you wear anything from this line?

January Jones as Betty Francis and Jon Hamm as Don Draper

ciao! fabiana

September 9, 2011


A little pink will tickle your soul and
put a smile on your face!

And now Pink is everywhere
especially on pinterest! 

There are some incredible fashion essentials out here
and so many ways to brighten up your living spaces, 
that "pinking it up" is now easier than ever.  

Are you tickled pink yet? 

Click here for yes!

ciao! fabiana

fashionable tv

fashion friday
In-Style Magazine recently compiled a list of  
Here are my favorite 25...

1. Mad Men

2. Sex in the City

3. Charlie's Angels

4. Gossip Girl

5. the OC

6. That 70's Show

7. I Dream of Jeannie

8. Allie McBeal

9. Friends

10. Glee

11. Beverly Hills 90210

12. Melrose Place

13. Lizzie Maguire

14. Dynasty

15. That Girl

16. The Hills

17. One Tree Hill

18. the Gilmore Girls

19. Bewitched

20. Punky Brewster

21. the Wonder Years

22.the Partridge Family

23. Green Acres

24. the Brady Bunch

25. I Love Lucy

bonus- the Mary Tyler Moore Show
Which ones are your favorites?



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