September 9, 2011

fashionable tv

fashion friday
In-Style Magazine recently compiled a list of  
Here are my favorite 25...

1. Mad Men

2. Sex in the City

3. Charlie's Angels

4. Gossip Girl

5. the OC

6. That 70's Show

7. I Dream of Jeannie

8. Allie McBeal

9. Friends

10. Glee

11. Beverly Hills 90210

12. Melrose Place

13. Lizzie Maguire

14. Dynasty

15. That Girl

16. The Hills

17. One Tree Hill

18. the Gilmore Girls

19. Bewitched

20. Punky Brewster

21. the Wonder Years

22.the Partridge Family

23. Green Acres

24. the Brady Bunch

25. I Love Lucy

bonus- the Mary Tyler Moore Show
Which ones are your favorites?



Emily said...

Punky Brewster! Love it!

Dale said...

What a fun post! I'm a huge fan of the Mad Men style and I think January Jones in that black dress and with her hair up like that is SO fun. I remember always thinking the fashion in Sex and the City was so cool too


Cindy said...

How fun! Oh, how I miss some of those great shows! Some of my favorites; Sex and the City, Friends, Dynasty, That Girl and Bewitched!


ALL OF THEM!! I used to love That Girl, Charly's Angels and in modern times, Friends! Thanks for sharing, have a terrific weekend. FABBY

Crystal said...

How fun. Great list. I was a teen in the 90's for 90210 and Friends rocked.

Donnie said...

I Love Lucy is my favorite but I remember and loved a lot of them especially the clothes.

Gabriela Delworth said...


Wow! What a fun post! I love Bewitched, my most favorite show...but also watched Melrose Place, Love Lucy, Allie Mac Beal and Charlie's Angels.


Tasha Anderson said...

I was a BRADY BUNCH addict!!! I MISS them!!! Don't forget Mary Tyler Moore! OMG!! Her clothes AND HER APARTMENT!!!! AMAZING!

Fabiana ~ Ciao! Newport Beach said...

I know! I love Mary Tyler Moore. But I don't think she was on the orignial InStyle List. I should add her...

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