November 3, 2016

gorgeous and traditional kid-friendly home

Lisa Baskin and her four young children lived in their 5,500-square foot family home in Brentwood for a few years, but the interior never felt quite right for this young, fun family. Then she found the perfect collaborator, interior designer Christine Markatos Lowe, known for her eclectic and colorful style. Christine gave Lisa some great ideas for conquering her love for the traditional and funky. 

They kept the existing bones of the 1920s Georgian house, but modernized it to feel like a family home that is kid-friendly and mom-approved. The house is far from bland and neutral. 

Feminine furniture, pattern and color were the general theme. With a lively family living in this house, and lots of friends that come over, Christine says, “Nothing can be too precious. Every space needed to also be for the children, as well as Lisa.”

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via L.A. Times

November 2, 2016

disneyland: dia de los muertos

Going to Disneyland the day after Halloween has become a tradition for my son and me, and we usually end up meeting a few of our friends there, since it’s a no school day here in NB. November 1st is also “Día de los Muertos”, so we were in for an extra special Disney version of this holiday.

Día de los Muertos is an annual Mexican celebration that remembers loved ones that have passed, while embracing an eternal connection. The colorful tribute is located in Frontierland right next to the Rancho del Zocalo Restaurant. 

Another HUGE attraction yesterday was the Haunted Mansion. Right now the Haunted Mansion is in holiday mode, which means Jack Skellington, from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas hosts an extra special version of this Disneyalnd classic.

More Mexican holiday decor from Frontierland...

This cafe in New Orlean's Square is one of my favorite spots.
They've even got some Christmas decorations up!

The entrance of the park looked great too!

Our last ride of the day was floating through Storybook Land on a little canal boat. It’s a special little tour of miniature versions the adorable homes and villages from classic Disney movies. 

At the top of the hill is Cinderella's castle where she lost her glass slipper. Can you spot the pumpkin half-way down the hill? It was left on the road after the magic spell was broken at midnight!  

And here I am with my friend Catherine on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Someone was busy chatting and didn’t pay attention during the shooting gallery game!  

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November 1, 2016

5 fave instagram thanksgiving tables

Reese Witherspoon

Harper Loren
Maison de Cinq

Stevie Storck

Hampton Toes

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October 31, 2016

happy halloween!

A little vintage fun for Halloween, brought to you by Pinterest!

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October 30, 2016

the witch's house in beverly hills

When I was in 8th grade,
I would walk past this house everyday
on my way to school.

It’s always been known as the
“Witch’s House” in Beverly Hills,
and on Halloween night,
this was the first house my friends and I
wanted to trick-or-treat at!

The crowds gathered on the corner,
and a thick fog enveloped the house.
Such memories! 

Today, this iconic house has been
lovingly preserved to maintain its historic charm
and quirky curb appeal.
It’s now actually owned by
a guy I went to high school with,
Michael Libow.

Originally known as the Spadena house,
it was moved to this location on Walden Drive
in 1924 from the Willat Studios lot in Culver City,
where it had previously  been used as
an office and dressing room.

Michael has updated the home
but maintained its storybook quality.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, be sure to drive by,
especially on Halloween night!  

ciao! fabiana

photo credits:

 LA Magazine | Vintage Los Angeles | LA Times  


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