October 14, 2016

johnny depp's historic l.a. penthouse

Johnny Depp’s historic downtown Los Angeles 
penthouse  is all that you thought it would be and more! 

A little leopard, a little tiger. 
It all fits in with this boho chic, sexy Parisian vibe!

The ultra tall 14 foot ceilings are amazing!

The bistro-style kitchen of the main penthouse loft features gorgeous art deco light fixtures and a very vintage French style in all the d├ęcor. 

Look up, and you discover that industrial loft look floating above your head.

I would lounge here morning noon and night, starting with coffee and ending with dinner!

The colorful master bedroom.

Another one of his penthouse suites (he owns all five!) has a different vibe in the kitchen, a little more modern and edgy, a boulangerie moderne!

How about this for a super creative conference room?

And all these incredible rooms are found at the top of the historic Eastern Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles. 

This iconic art deco building was built in 1930 and is easily recognized by its turquoise terra cotta tiles and amazing four sided clock.

via Curbed

ciao! fabiana

p.s. Do you remember the tv series Moonlighting? It was the best show! Anyways, the very first episode featured the Eastern Columbia Building in the finale. 

Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) and David (Bruce Willis) end up at the top of the building and Maddie somehow winds up dangling from the huge clock! 

You can watch the entire episode here:


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