February 6, 2016

seeing red

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, the color red catches my eye, especially those pretty rooms with lots of dramatic reds. 

I love how this cozy reading nook's cushions and pillows are balanced with red on the floor, window and ceiling. Who wouldn't want to curl up in this huge window seat? 

Sometimes a space needs just an accent piece that serves as a focal point, and red is the perfect choice. This chinoiserie mirror is to die for in lacquered red!

Red zinnias and coleus are not the typical flowers we use for arrangements, but their red hues add a dramatic edge to this lovely bouquet. I do like to admire those homes that have that extra kick of RED!

ciao! fabiana 

photo credit:

Architectural Digest
House & Home

February 2, 2016

coffee: some of my favorite things

Every morning I wake up and look forward to a warm cup of espresso with a little foamed milk on top. I make it right here in the comfort of my kitchen with my stove top espresso maker, just like my mother and grandmother have done. It's so easy to prepare Italian coffee this way, and it’s ready in 5 minutes! 

Trudeau makes a beautiful sleek espresso maker that is so functional and so easy to clean.  I recently got one for myself, and it’s one of the best ones I’ve tried. And, Trudeau’s white porcelain espresso cups are the perfect size to enjoy my brew. The fun part is, any time a friend stops by, I am ready with coffee in minutes!     

Top it off with a little cocoa powder, and we're all set! 

Who wouldn’t be smitten by these lovely cups and saucers covered with little red and white hearts? I'm in love with these larger cups because they are so fun, but they are the perfect size for cappuccino, which is basically espresso with steamed milk and foam. I like my milk thick and frothy, so I can mix it into my coffee like meringue! So yummy! 

Just in time for Mardi Gras, my favorite coffee flavor right now is “Mardi Gras King Cake” by Community CoffeeIt’s a blend of cinnamon and vanilla flavored coffee, made from only the best coffee beans in the world. It’s not really sweet. This coffee, believe it or not, the amazing aroma of cake, and hints of spices. You’ve gotta try it! 


And lastly, I’ve started journaling this year, during my morning coffee time.  Sometimes, it's not first thing I am able to do in the morning, but I try to make time for myself, even if it's only for a few moments. 

This pretty Eccolo journal is small and easy to take with me.  Each page features an inspirational bible verse that helps me gather my thoughts for the day. 

My morning alone-time usually isn’t too long, and I try to enjoy every moment! "Pray more, Worry Less" is a great reminder too! And, as you can see, here is another one of my favorite coffee cups!  I’m hooked! 

ciao! fabiana

my favorite hollywood fashion icons

Hollywood’s fashion icons in some of my favorite looks…

Great smile, Kate Hudson, and I love this cover!  
Reese Witherspoon is turning up everywhere, so cute!
 Wouldn't you love a portrait like this? Fabulous!
Michelle Williams is a quiet beauty…
I love her new campaign for Louis Vuitton.
Oh, that red handbag!!
 Cate Blanchett for Armani “Si”.

Love the hair, a stylish and classic long bob.

Tell me, who inspires you?

ciao! fabiana

January 31, 2016

announcing my new blog shop!

Hi Friends! I wanted to share my new BLOG SHOP with you. It's an extension of my Ciao Newport Beach Blog, via eBay. I have some fun new and vintage gift items for sale, including some fun Valentine's Day items. All items are influenced by favorite things that I love to share on the blog. Come on over and check it out! 

A few coffee related goodies.

Some chic vintage finds.

Gift ideas for holidays.  These make great hostess gifts too!

I love these inspiring and pretty journals, coffee mugs,
trinket trays and dishes!  Let me know what you think!! 

Check back soon, as I will be adding 
new and seasonal items weekly.

ciao! fabiana


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