August 29, 2020

easy to make monogrammed napkins

While reorganizing my napkin drawers recently, I came across this set of stenciled monogrammed napkins I made for an article that appeared in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style last summer. 

I was working on creating a summery tablescape for them, and they requested that I include a DIY project to go along with this red, white and blue farmhouse table 

I love a good little stenciling project, so I found a pretty monogram stencil kit from Martha Stewart that was perfect for what I had in mind. I also purchased blue and red fabric paint at the craft store. A set of pretty vintage white damask napkins from my collection were absolutely suitable for this paint project. 

Have you ever stenciled before? It’s really so easy.  

  • The key is to tape down the stencil with masking tape or painter’s tape so it does not move.  
  • Another import thing to keep in mind is not to have very much paint on your stencil brush 
  • Keep a paper towel on hand to dab away extra paint before you apply it to your fabric. 
  • Use an up-and-down tapping movement to apply the paint. This was you get sort of an airbrushed look, and paint doesn’t get under the stencil to ruin your design. 

It may sound like you have woodpeckers in the house, but the result is worth it!  

The kit I bought came with every letter and a few different options for borders. I used our last name initial for each of these napkins, but it would also be fun to stencil each family member’s first name initial.  

A handmade project like this would also make a great gift! 

Info on monogrammed napkin supplies: StencilBrushes, and Paint

Overall, this is a fun project anyone could do over the weekend. What do you think? Not so hard, right? You'll get another peek at these napkins next week at a new table setting! 

ciao! fabiana 

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August 28, 2020

an all-american table for four

Interestingly enough, the 2020 pandemic has actually led me to become more creative. With all the negative aspects of this quarantine, there are quite a few positive outcomes and “making stuff” is one for me. How about you?

Although I've always had outlets for creativity, all this stay-at-home time has me pushing the envelope in other directions, like sewing. 

I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl, and I still have my Sear’s Kenmore sewing machine that I got when I was ten years old. That's the one I pull out to mend clothing once in a great while, but I recently got the urge to actually make something...  

This custom-sized table runner is made from two different fabrics I got from Pacific & Rose. I had something like this in mind for a long time, so I just combined a red and white fabric with a blue and white fabric border to make a little something festive for summer.  

The technique I used for this table runner is similar to what I did for this red, white and blue table runner, only the border is much wider and custom-made. I love how it looks with these vintage Serena & Lily “St. Helena” napkins. 

I brought in natural elements with vintage woven placemats and rattan napkin rings. I love collecting fun rattan placemats from the 1970’s and 1980’s. They just add so much texture and whimsy to a table.  

My favorite blue pressed glass goblets add drama and color to the table. I use these so much, and I also have them in the amber color, which is divine for fall. 

Bamboo flatware is also one of my favorite things, and I found this black set at an estate sale in Laguna Beach last year. Bamboo also adds that amazing textural effect I love on a table. 

A natural touch is brought in with these darling garden roses from the backyard. The fragrance is heavenly and these two varieties are just so pretty. I used a combination of Rosa Winchester Cathedral and Meidiland White for this small arrangement. 

In addition to the flatware, the placemats and the napkin rings, these white cabbageware plates are also a flea market find. Well, technically they’re a yard sale find. I got them from my neighbor Kathleen who sold them to me when she moved away a few months ago. I just love them!

So, I'm on a little bit of a roll with the summery red, white and blue tables. I can’t wait until Monday, when I get to debut my latest obsession... 

A new set of plates that are also red, white and blue, but with a more Italian or Spanish look. They’re modeled after the famous Talavera style pottery, and I can’t wait to show you my next table set with this new china. 

I hope you’ll stop by again on Monday for the full reveal. 😊

ciao! fabiana 

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