August 19, 2020

a classic accent for your table

Jewelry for the table, that’s what these are. Simple, classic, stylish and useful, napkin rings are becoming my new favorite table accessory.  

Today I’m sharing a few more detailed shots from the patriotic table I set this week, including this new set of napkin rings. What I love about this pewter napkin ring set is that this set of four are all different in shape and design.  

They’re not all exactly the same, so when set at the table, that fact makes them so much more interesting to look at, and first impressions at a dinner party are everything! 

This Classic Set from Vagabond House is made from pure pewter and then highly polished to the prettiest patina. As you can see, the traditional silhouette of each napkin ring will never go out of style. These truly are heirloom quality pieces. 

One of my favorite ways to style a napkin with a ring is to actually use two coordinating napkins folded together and then inserted into the ring. This layering look actually creates more interest, dimension and personality to your table setting. 

This trick also works great on napkins made of thinner material. Layering two (or more) napkins create a “fluffier” look and just looks better overall.  

With Labor Day falling late this year, that summer feeling is extended just a bit, and we can enjoy the anticipation of this festive red, white and blue holiday for a few extra days.  

I hope you’ll check back again soon for some more tablescaping tips, summer décor and more.  

ciao! fabiana 

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Classic Pewter Napkin Ring Set: Vagabond House

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