August 24, 2020

life is like a bowl of cherries

It all started with this adorable “Bonjour” bowl I spotted at Anthropologie last year. I brought it home, and it’s been on my kitchen counter ever since, filled at times with lemons, limes or filled with treats seasonally. 

When I was ready to style our outdoor table for our summer photo shoot with Cottages & Bungalows, I knew I wanted to feature this fun bowl on the table. It’s so graphically eye-catching and cherries seemed like the perfect summer fruit to fill it with. 

For the rest of the table, I added a charcuterie board, small plates, colored glassware, votives and a carafe of strawberry lemonade. All these things just remind me of summer, when they’re all put together. 

It was very hot on the day we shot these pictures, much like today. Boy we've had some hot and humid weather this past week! We’re just not used to it here near the beach, and we have no air conditioning! 

I don’t mind so much. It does finally feel like summer this month, but I am so looking forward to the start of fall... 

So, I think it’s true... life is like a bowl of cherries. 🍒 

Sometimes it’s very sweet, and sometimes it's just the pits.
  Hoping your day is a sweet one. 🍒 

ciao! fabiana 

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Photos by Bret Gum

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