August 14, 2020

my favorite summer kaftan

It's Friday, and that means another weekend ahead! I wanted to pop in today to share a little something I’m obsessed with... these adorable lightweight kaftans by Pacific & Rose. 

Pretty patterns and a choice of long or short make these pieces the perfect cover up for the pool or beach, but wait... 

My favorite place to wear mine is right here at home, while lounging around first thing in the morning or after 5 o’clock, when it’s technically cocktail hour.  

I don’t drink cocktails, but I still get the same “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” vibe with my ice-cold highball of San Pellegrino with a twist of lime.

Say the word "kaftan" and I instantly relax and my head fills with visions of Slim Aarons prints and lounging around in some chic location like Palm Beach or the isle of Capri. 

You know I’ve mentioned Pacific & Rose before because I love using their gorgeous tablecloths, runners and napkins for my tablescapes, but they’ve recently debuted this fun line of kaftans, and I can’t get enough!  

My personal favorite is the “Mia” style, which you see above on the left. I wish you could feel the fabric because it’s so soft and lightweight and is absolutely a dream to wear during the hot summer months. 

The fabric for each of these pieces is printed by hand in Rajasthan, India. I feel like I’m wearing an ethereal work of art as I float through my house in complete comfort! 

The drawstring tie is even embellished with tiny seashells. When I do wear this out to the beach, it’s so lightweight that it dries almost instantly if it gets wet. I’ve also worn this out and about town with a simple cotton slip underneath. 

I love all the shades and patterns of the blue kaftans, but look at these other styles.... aren’t they cute? 

You can check out the whole line of Pacific & Rose Kaftans HERE, or stop by Seaside Gallery to shop at a brick and mortar location. 

I hope you’ll check back with me soon... 
I’ve got some new fun tablescapes to share! 

ciao! fabiana 

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Marena said...

I love them and will buy one asap!!!! Thanks Claudia.

Claudia Fabiana said...

Oh, that's great, Marena. You'll love it! Miss you, friend 😘😘


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