August 6, 2020

my flatware caddy styled for 3 seasons

Here we are happily into August and some of us are already thinking of fall and winter. Yes, that would be me, and maybe a few of you too.

In these uncertain times, it would be nice to look forward to spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with our friends and family. We’ll have to see how that goes, but in the meantime, I have something really special that I want to share with all of you... 

This lovely wooden flatware caddy embellished with a pewter elk’s head and leather handles. If you know Vagabond House, you know they’re known for creating fine-quality pieces that are destined to become treasured heirlooms.

Just for fun, I styled this flatware caddy a few different ways. The first is a casual late summer look where I teamed it up with softly rustic linen napkins and a few wildflowers from the backyard. Simple white cabbage patterned plates complete this laid-back look.  

I love the earthy quality of this caddy with its chic details and roomy cubbies. This essential tableware item makes hosting a dinner party an easy affair for any host or hostess. 

Silverware, napkins and even small plates can be organized beautifully and neatly to make your guests feel at home and ready to take on the buffet table!

Funny story about these little “wildflowers”. They may not be the prettiest little flowers of all, but I did pick them from the backyard. The yellow ones are Dusty Miller blooms and the other ones that sort of look like Queen Anne’s Lace are actually celery flowers! 

They were just starting to bloom and they have the loveliest celery scent. I planted this little clump at the start of the quarantine, and I’m hoping they’ll go to seed and set little plantlets for next year!

For fall I envision a very soft palette of earth tones. The color of end-of-season hydrangeas is just so pretty at that time of year. I combined these items with some of my favorite amber glasses for a look that feels autumn-like. 

Simple white napkins are used to wrap the silverware. I love this idea, because it’s a quick grab-and-go to the table with one neat little bundle. 

For all these looks, I’ve used this unique set of pewter Acorn Flatware by Vagabond house. You can see how I styled last year’s fall table here using this beautiful silverware.  

In honor of December, I created two different looks. The first one is reminiscent of this tablescape with strong antler and deer elements. Black and white details are always in style, and for fun I added a pop of green with these vintage goblets. 

For our final look, we have a little red brought in by two of my favorite looks, transferware plates and tartan napkins. We couldn’t be more Christmas-y than that, and doesn’t this beautiful Elk Head Flatware Caddy fit in perfectly? 

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ciao! fabiana 

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