August 11, 2011

field trip ~ malibu creek state park

Elvis Presley during a break on the set of "Love Me Tender", in Malibu

It's rustic Malibu, meets Hollywood.
Malibu Creek State Park has
a rich Native American history and 
Hollywood film history,
and is filled with unprecedented natural beauty.

With almost 7,000 acres filled with
streams, trails, woodlands, chaparral, peaks and
tremendous vistas, this is
a must-visit destination in  California.  
Activities include hiking, biking, rock climbing,
horseback riding, camping and
even plein air painting.


This park land used to be owned by
Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan and 
20th Century Fox Studios,
and almost 100 movies and 
tv shows were filmed here.
It all started in 1919 
with "Daddy Long Legs",  
starring Mary Pickford.

Some of the most popular movies shot here include
"Love Me Tender", part of "The Seven Year Itch",
the original "Planet of the Apes,” "Doctor Dolittle",
 "How Green was my Valley", "Tarzan Escapes",
and the jumping-off-the-cliff finale
 of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".

The entire tv series M*A*S*H was also filmed here. 

Ronald and Nancy Reagan on their 250 acre ranch and horse farm.

Filming a scene from "How Green was My Valley".

a scene from "Tarzan Escapes"

Ape City from "Planet of the Apes", 1968

The first known inhabitants of this land were the 
Chumash Indians, and this area originally was
a Chumash village pronounced "Umalibu" by the Spanish.  

Also part of the park  is the Sepulveda Adobe,
which was built in 1863.  

Don Pedro Sepulveda and his wife Soledad raised
12 children here and farmed on this fertile land.  

If you're in Southern California, 
Malibu Creek State Park is easily accessible,
 and only a 1/2 hour from Los Angeles.  

Otherwise, enjoy it from one of these fun movies.

a road sign from M*A*S*H

ciao! fabiana

emma stone ~ fashion star of the week

Pretty red head Emma Stone
is one of my favorite fashion stars.

ciao! fabiana


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