June 21, 2013

beautiful flowers from a friend

Created with a little European Flair!

do something amazing today! 

ciao,  fabiana

celebrate the first day of summer!

Summer around here means
lots of days in the pool and at the beach!

And we're also looking forward to the 
Orange County Fair in July!

Later this summer we'll be headed to
Hilton Head Island for a little r & r
before school starts.

What do you have planned this summer?

ciao! fabiana

June 20, 2013

my summer flowers

chartreuse and periwinkle. 
The mini mums are from Trader Joe's, 
and the agapanthus are from my garden.

do something amazing today! 

ciao,  fabiana

decorating with succulents

Succulents are so pretty and versatile,
but best of all they are so easy to grow.
Have you thought about incorporating
a few into your decor?  

make them the statement pieces that they are

a fun little terrarium with a whimsical accent

on your dining room table

as a centerpiece with orchids and moss

fill a giant clam shell

a long centerpiece for your summer party

fill vintage silver pieces and group in a collection 

driftwood and succulents go hand in hand, from MerMade

how about an outdoor coffee table?
from Petite Pots 

as an elegant napkin ring

in vintage white urns

fill an old dresser

simple and elegant from Vignette

very formal

Camille makes these gorgeous wreaths

ciao! fabiana

June 19, 2013

decorating with coffee table books

Coffee table books are a great way to add height and color to your decor. A versatile accent to any home, books can reflect your interests and lifestyle, and they are a really easy way of creating interesting vignettes around your home.

I recently got some really nice ones at our local library's used book store. Thanks to the world of pinterest, I can share some of my favorite looks with you.

ciao! fabiana

June 18, 2013

great inexpensive coffee table books

I was pleasantly surprised by a visit to
my local Newport Beach Library used book store. 

They have a great selection of coffee table books 
that are perfect for adding to my décor. 

And the best part is, 
they all cost between one and seven dollars!

This book on the Royal Family

is one of my favorites.

And who doesn't love Jackie's classic style?

This garden book lists all the beautiful

 botanical gardens in Southern California.

Here are my selections.

Stay tuned to see how 
I use them in my decor!

ciao! fabiana

the secret garden

A little house, with a secret garden. 
I drive by this house everyday. 

On occasion, when I walk or bike by, 

and I'm always delighted to get an up close look 
into the the world behind 
the picket fence and over-sized shrubs. 

Now this little garden has a name, 

And, The Nest's creator, Marion,
 has become a friend. 

Isn't that grand?

ciao! fabiana


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