June 16, 2013

turquoise accents in a european cottage

the front window which faces the "secret garden"
Visiting with mon amie, Marion is always a treat. We both share a love for cappuccinos and croissants, antiques and vintage finds, and priceless little treasures found at local second-hand stores. 

Her home, or "nest", as she calls it, is an amazing cottage here in Costa Mesa, filled with family heirlooms from Germany and beautiful little things she loves. Marion has such a gift for bringing them all together in interesting vignettes. 

I really love her use of turquoise and blues sprinkled throughout her home. Here are some of my favorite spots in "the nest". 

more of the gorgeous turquoise with cobalt
and flowers by Marion

blue and white ginger jars are always a classic

the subtle color palette of the dining room is enhanced by this beautiful robin's egg blue

a beautiful little altar in the dining area

a great collection of blue and white porcelain

I love the set of 4 transferware plates commemorating
Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor

the kitchen window

our little buddy, Dante helps guard the house!

hydrangeas bring in a touch of periwinkle blue 

more on the "secret garden" another time!

ciao! fabiana

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  1. Marion does have the best taste ever. I loved seeing her home in Romantic Homes magazine and here on your blog, and finding some of the treasures she's bought from me tucked into her beautiful vignettes - looks like they have been there forever. She is very talented!
    Magnolia Mews Consignments


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