April 14, 2012

10 sexy spring hairstyles

Cameron Diaz's Heavy Side Bangs

From this month’s InStyle magazine,
some cute hair trends....

Rose Byrne's Sleek Bob and Full Bangs

Taylor Swift's Long Layers and Airy Bangs

Ali Larter's A-Line Bob

Vanessa Hudgens' Long, Loose Layers

Nicole Richie's Angled Layers

Michelle Williams's Soft Pixie

Jennifer Aniston's Choppy Layers

Olivia Wilde's Long Bob and Side Bangs

Viola Davis's Long Pixie

Would you try one of these looks?

ciao! fabiana

photo credit: InStyle

pink perfection for spring

As the  mother of four boys, 
I like to pamper myself with pink. 

And, this Spring, Pink is everywhere! 
There are some incredible fashion essentials out here, 
some frivolous tasty treats, 
and so many ways to brighten up your living spaces, 
that "pinking it up" is  now easier than ever.  

Here are some of my favorite finds:

Above, peony-pink drapes can brighten up most living rooms.  
This one was featured in House & Home.

Emma Stone looks so cute with 
just the right shade of pink lipstick.  

Don't forget to sample different shades of pink 
to pick the right one for your skin tone. 

Ride a bike to run some errands.  

It's so easy now that it's Spring, 
and you'll save a wallet-full on gas . 
 I love one with a great basket to hold lots of goodies, 
and it's got to be a pretty color too!

I love the combination of pink and navy blue.  
This lovely inspiration is from pinterest

Martha Stewart does it best mixing pink 
and a bit of red in this tablescape.

Paint some framed mirrors hot pink for a unifying display 
that looks great with a group of shabby pink roses.

Create a breathtaking entry 
with the simplicity of pink and white and
 some statement succulents
 in a beautiful gray tone.

I grow these beauties in my garden.  
They're pink lemons, perfect for 
authentic "pink lemonade" .

Or try this recipe that uses passion fruit.

"Sparrow me the Drama" by OPI 
is my new favorite shade 
for Spring.

Try a mix of patterns and tones in the 
pink and white range, unifying it all with white.

Accent pieces are so much fun!

Treat yourself to a strawberry cupcake.  
These are from Casey's Cupcakes.
Pink accessories can be any easy way 
to pull together just the right look for Spring.  

Sunglasses by River Island 
and flip flops by Havaianas (my favorites). 

Rachel Bilson pulls it all together 
with a fun pink polka dot scarf. 

The perfect pink hat for a cool spring day.  
It's so cute with a blue blazer!

Miranda Kerr out and about in her soft pink slacks.  
I need these!  

Here's a pair from J.Crew:

Ferrigamo patent pink flats, oooh la la!

Pink accent pillows always look great with green. 

Invest in some vintage Pyrex mixing bowls.  
They are quite affordable at
 flea markets or on ebay.

Treat yourself to a decadent dessert. 
No special occasion necessary!

A hot pink wrap around 
studded bracelet by Tory Burch 
is just what the doctor ordered
 to raise your spirits.

I'm loving Jessica Simpson's "hot" pink Dior bag. 

Jessica Alba in "sensible" heels that add 
the perfect fun accent to her conservative outfit. 

A wow of color on Blake Lively.

Pull up a fuchsia cube and relax in this crescent shaped nook.

Soft colors in an elegant format.

Hot pink in small doses is just enough to make you smile.

Make the garden pop with a gorgeous shade of pink!

Plant some pink roses to greet you in the garden.

Tulips are a wonderful way to bring pink into your home.

Shopping for a new camera?  Consider a pink one!

I've got to try this gorgeous pink bowtie pasta, 
colored naturally with beet juice.

A handful of these 
Jelly Belly Pomegranate Cosmo beans 
is all you need to get your pink on.

Now, remember, don't get too carried away!  
A little goes a long way!

ciao! fabiana

spring is in the air

I'm so happy to welcome spring this year, 
especially since it's the perfect time to 
work on new ideas, and for 
rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. 

And of course the most glorious representation of spring 
are the beautiful flowers that explode this season.   


Celebrate the season of rebirth!  

ciao! fabiana


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