July 28, 2021

magazine clippings: cottage kitchens


via Country Living

Like many of you, one of my favorite pastimes is flipping through magazines for inspiration and kitchen design always fascinates me.

Remember back in the day when we’d rip out pages from magazines and save them as our inspiration for future home d├ęcor ideas? 

Maybe it’s the coziness of a cottage kitchen that draws me in, but whatever the reason I have a few clippings to share with you all today.  


I’ve shared this first home before. The modern country cottage vibe is just so good! Designer Raili Clasen is the master at combining that updated look with a few homey pieces that bring a vintage touch to any room she decorates. 


via Country Living

And what about that kitchen window? It doubles as a serving area for outdoor entertaining, and during the warm months of the year, this is an amazing bonus! 


via Country Living

Speaking of indoor-outdoor kitchens, here’s another cutie. All details of this look point to classic Cape Cod style, which I’ve always loved. 


And how about the windows on these last two kitchens with outdoor access... Are you more of a “swing the windows open” kind of person or do you prefer the “slide open to the side” style?   


via BHG

This next kitchen may not have windows that open to the backyard, but it has tons of other beautiful elements that add up to a lot on the inspiration meter. 


* Open Shelving 

Rustic Wood Beams 

Tongue and Groove Walls 

Copper Pots Displayed 

* Shaker Style Cabinets 

Gooseneck Faucet 



via BHG

Bright white cabinets are a thing of beauty and adding vintage-style brass hardware takes this kitchen to another level. 

I love that under-cabinet shelf too! 


via Chic & Country

Those lights and those beams! The simplicity of this kitchen space, along with a few key decorative elements, makes it a winner in my book.  


via Chic & Country

Isn’t that gingham check tablecloth charming?  

via Country Living

This one’s got cottage charm written all over it! Every single detail just oozes vintage country style. 


via Country Living

And how about those open shelves with collections of so many things I love? Ironstone on the top shelf, and then all that pretty blue and red transferware elegantly displayed along with pretty canned goods and pantry staples. 


via Australian House & Garden

Shout it from the rooftops! This little kitchen nook just screams COZY! 

Lovely views of the garden, with easy access through the Dutch door. I’ll have what they’re having!   

ciao! fabiana 



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July 27, 2021

a weekend gift of sweets

Do you have a sweet tooth like me? I can forgo a lot of things in this world, but when it comes to desserts, I have many favorites and they’re often a daily necessity!   


Over the weekend I received the cutest gift in the mail. This adorable box is shaped like a little house and is filled with different kinds of cookies, brownies and whoopie pies, yum! 

What a fun surprise... 


This cozy little cottage came all wrapped up in a navy-blue grosgrain ribbon. Isn’t it sweet? I later learned that it’s one of many charming and delicious gifts created by Gourmet Gift Baskets 


For years and years, we received an annual mail order food basket from my husband’s Uncle Fred for the holidays. We’d get cheeses, crackers, fruit and sometimes even salami! He was always so thoughtful and generous. 


Mail order gift baskets are nothing new of course, but this one is so cute and is filled with so many yummy treats! 


My family and I had such a fun time sampling all these classic cookie flavors. They were all really very good, but I have to say, my favorite was the peanut butter cookie.  

I have a soft spot in my heart for a good old-fashioned peanut butter cookie, probably because they remind me of my grandmother. They were a favorite after-school treat at her house, served with a tall glass of cold milk, of course!  


After checking out the Gourmet Gift Baskets website, I discovered they have all sorts of beautiful gifts for every occasion imaginable. I made a little collage here featuring a few that caught my eye. 


Don’t those Breakfast Baskets look amazing?

Having coffee or tea in the morning never looked so good! 

Another thing I really like is the convenience of the Gourmet Gift Basket Store on Amazon They don’t have as many choices there as on the website, but it’s a nice quick and easy option for ordering a really nice gift for someone special.  


Only a couple of these cookies are left, and they’re disappearing fast! I better get out and do a little exercise to work off those few extra (but delicious) calories!

We had an unexpected rainy day yesterday, so I wasn’t able to get out and do my little daily workout, so I better get at it today! 


I’ll be back soon with a few more of my favorite things and fun finds that I love to share with you all. Thanks so much for stopping by! 




ciao! fabiana 



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P.S. You can find more about the cute blue and white table runner here.





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