May 19, 2012

bookcase styling

One of my favorite looks.  This one is by Emily Henderson

A well-styled bookcase can make all the difference in a room, and will usually be the focal point. Do you have a bookcase that's waiting for a special makeover?  Here are some great design tips from House Beautiful and HGTV: 

*Have a clean start. Remove everything from the shelves.  Discard or pack away any damaged books.

*To book or not to book. Do you want all books, some books or no books? Experiment with different ways to stack books...some vertically, some horizontally in a pleasing pattern. Horizontal books can act as bookends. 

Dimples & Tangles 

*Personalize the space. Add a favorite collection, a few shapely vases, decorative boxes or baskets & family photos. This makes the display more interesting to others and more enjoyable for you. You don't have to include all these choices.  Edit out things that don't fit in.

Stylish Bird

*Vary the height of your objects, 
and don't line things up all in a neat row.  

Niagara Novice

*Go big and bold. 
Small items get lost in the overall look.  

Flourish Design & Style

Decor Pad

*Decide whether or not you would like to add 
a special backing to your bookcase. 
The bookcase itself can be a backdrop 
with paint, fabric or wallpaper. 
Everything Fab

*Group items by theme, texture, color or shape. 
Groupings in odd numbers work best, 
and set them off-center.

Brabourne Farm

House of Jade Interiors

*Use a few stacked books as a 
pedestal for a special object.

Holly Mathis Interiors



*Think about the color of your books.
Do you want to sort them by color or have 
a specific color palette of only certain colors?


*Adding a small painting is a fun option.

coastal living

centsational girl

young house love

the art of doing stuff


cottage & vine

casa sugar

apartment therapy

*Don't over clutter. Keep in mind 
the open space around your objects

design sponge

amber interior design

 *Add a little sparkle with some glass or silver. 
A small mirror propped up does the trick too.  

habitually chic

Are you inspired yet? 

Check out some of my favorite books HERE.

ciao! fabiana

May 16, 2012

kitchens of the sea

Just sharing a few dreamy 
pinterest kitchens, 
with accents of aqua, seafoam, 
cerulean, and  periwinkle...

ciao! fabiana


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