May 13, 2012

creative succulents for mom

This is one of my favorite looks.

I've had so much fun lately scouring 
Goodwill stores and yard sales for 
interesting little containers to plant succulents in.  

Among these lovely inspirations,  
you'll spot two of my succulent arrangements.

So elegant!

Great use of colored glass.

A wreath is always a popular choice.

So soft and pretty.

Mix and match.


Orchids and succulents.

So creative .

Any mom would feel the love with this one.

A large arrangement made by my friend Camille.

A mini adirondack chair.

A weathered crown is just the right touch.

Masses and masses of hens and chicks.

I love this color combo.


Succulents always look great in colorful terra cotta pots.  



succulents mixed with "kangaroo paw"

one of my favorite Petite Pots

a playful fairy garden 

now here's a statement piece!

a beautiful terrarium

white pebbles remind me of the sea 

this drawer of succulents has been popular on pinterest

perfect for a brunch

surprise mom with this planted in the garden

Here are my two succulent pots....

 In my kitchen window, I've got a  large clam shell planted for me by Camille.

And in my dining room, 
I have  a thrift store stoneware  bowl
planted with a large aloe surrounded by string of pearls and succulent ivy .


My mom would love this one! 

ciao! fabiana


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Val said...

Gorgeous. I need more succulents in my life.

Debra from Bungalow said...

Yes they are gorgeous! I never saw String of Pearls it! Thanks for sharing all these great inspiration pictures!

I have a gardening link party on Tuesdays, come on over and link up. :)

Michele said...

Fabiana, succulents are my very favorite, so I loved the series of pictures. Thanks for posting them.

All The Pretty Dishes said...

These are amazing. I can't even choose a favorite. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Shari @ said...

I love some of those ideas and will definitely be stealing one or two ;) Thanks for sharing!

Erin O'Riordan said...

Succulents are always very pretty.

M.Hilton said...

so gorgeous! i love the creative pots! hmmm - maybe i could attempt a few of these :) visiting from "Pinning" - mer from

JennE said...

Wow, I think I just "pinned" 90% of your blog....thank you so much for all this inspiration! Now if I can just come up with the accompanying energy, I'm good to go!!

Linda Brown said...

Oh so lovely....just tweeted and posted on Facebook. We love houseplants. Hope you will join Twitter. Green Planet Naturals New - Gardening for Small cactus mix coming soon.


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