October 27, 2018

saturday in lido marina village

Cheers and Happy Sunday!

My husband and I spent a fun afternoon in Lido Marina Village, catching up with some dear friends and trying out a new fabulous restaurant called Malibu Farm.

They serve a fabulous and fruity “Frosé” that looked amazing and Sherri and Nancy raved about it, but I opted for a yummy iced mocha instead, since I don’t drink alcohol.

They serve all organic and healthy foods and all that we ate was amazing, including the “grilled chocolate cake” that we all had for dessert… yes grilled… with a side of salted caramel and whipped cream!

And they even had adorable baby goats at Malibu Farm to share with us for petting and photo ops! 

Not only was I really impressed by the food at Malibu Farm, but the location is amazing as well. It’s located on the water in Lido Marina Village near lots of other fun stores and restaurants.

They have a special shop and venue next door that caters to private parties. Look at the amazing set-up they had yesterday. This private birthday party was brimming in peonies, but not just ordinary peonies, extraordinarily large tree peonies.

I got to meet the amazing florist Sussana of French Buckets Florist who created all these magical floral arrangements and gave me the tip on searching for tree peonies.

Yes, these flowers are all real!

Last stop, one of my faves, as you know… Serena and Lily. We stopped in for a quick visit and I did pick up a sweet little gift to myself (it was my birthday this week, afterall) that I’ll share with you all soon!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

xo xo
 ciao! fabiana

And now the official cookbook 
is available from Malibu Farm!


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