May 3, 2014

at nancy's with country gardens magazine

Great news! Country Gardens Magazine was out today photographing my friend and neighbor Nancy's garden for an upcoming issue. The weather here has been crazy the last few days with Santa Ana wind gusts blowing everything everywhere. 

Luckily, Nancy's garden endured the wind and the weather settled down enough for a great day of shooting. Aren’t these green chairs fabulous?

Nancy's style has a unique East-Coast vibe. A lot of vintage materials went into the construction her potting shed, but she made sure that the design was extremely efficient.

Flower arranging is a favorite hobby of Nancy's, so this space is perfect for storing all the supplies she needs.

A pair of reclaimed french 
doors lead out into the garden.

Nancy created the arrangements 

featured on the patio table.

Isn't Nancy's manicure cute?

The view from the deck of the lower 
seating area and Indian Springs.

The new spa bathroom has a sauna and opens up right to the hot tub and the gorgeous patio area. These great floors look like weathered wood, but it's really tile.

I love the mosaic back splash that makes the sink vanity look reminiscent of an English-style antique washstand.  

Towels are on-hand in this pretty basket as you enter. After your sauna, hang your towel on this fun Pottery Barn anchor hook!

The antique inspired lighting is perfect.

Here the stylist is adding finishing touches 
and holding the color checker.

Making sure they have just the right shot.

The stylists are amazing!

Flowers by Nancy.

ciao! fabiana

May 2, 2014

my friday five

With the temperatures this week
in southern California in the high 90's,
it's no wonder my thoughts 
have turned to summer.  

Here are my friday five,
reflecting that summer breeze
that makes me feel fine.  
And by the way,
the jasmine’s blooming too!

Stylish outdoor leopard pillows.

 A basket of seashells on the table 
always reminds us of summer.

The perfect white jeans.

Nancy's anchor hook is great indoors or out.

Waffle flavored ice cream 
with a shot of espresso, 
the  waffogato!

do something amazing today! 

ciao,  fabiana

May 1, 2014

what not to do when on a home tour...

On this week's episode, 
went on the Hamptons Holiday House Home Tour, 
which was filmed last Summer.  

Here are some lessons on what 
not to do when on a home tour... 

1.  Don't lay around 
on the furniture and gossip.

2. Don't be drinking Mimosas 
or other cocktails on the tour.

 3. Don't think you can make yourself at home!

 4. Don't try to peel off the wallpaper, 
even if it is removable!

A pretty outdoor table is set, 
with melamine dishware by Luann.

5. Leave it to Ramona to 
fling a dish into the pool, frisbee style.  
A definite no-no! 

And no, they don't float.
Luann's plates were available 
for a limited time on QVC.

I was dying to know what this woman said to them.

Since we are on the subject of decor, 
Heather's home is fabulous!

and Carole's style is so chic,
but it's probably time to 
reupholster the old tiger sofa. 

I can't wait to see the transformation!

I wonder if she will keep this vintage chandelier?

She even has a bedazzled dress 
form in her closet, like me! 

Here's mine.

Really Ramona?  Throwing wine?
How much of the show do you think is staged? 

ciao! fabiana

April 30, 2014

what to wear for the home & garden tour

is coming up in two weeks,
and a few of my friends and I are
already thinking about what to wear.

Comfortable, cute outfits are a must!
Also, high heels and hand bags are not allowed
in the homes, so those are two more things
 to consider when planning our look!

Flats, sandals or wedges are perfect footwear
for touring, as there will be a bit of walking.

Here are a few looks from last year.
Colorful looks seen at

the Barclay Butera after party.

Chairwomen, Heidi and Marena, on the left,

chose pretty feminine dresses for the tour.   

Mia, Amy and me at the house on Snug Harbor last year.
photo credit: OC Register

After a visit to Heather's new closet, 
the girls and I put together some fun fahion looks
 for this year's home tour. 

Cynthia is a Stella & Dot stylist, 
so she has the luxury of having great accessories 
available at her fingertips. 
This is the outfit she put together, 
an all white look set off by colorful jewelry and extras.  

Purses are not allowed to be brought into the houses, 
but they’re handy at the breakfast reception,
luncheon and afterparty.

A great option is the tech wallet, pictured above.
It's great for holding your cell phone and car key,
and has a handy wrist strap.

I just ordered mine in leopard!
It's perfect for the home tour. 

Get Cynthia’s Look
·       White Jeans
·       Linen T-Shirt
·       TechWallet
·       Milana Bracelet
·       MacyBangle
·       Moroccan Tile Scarf
·       Tieks Romantic Blush Flats
·       MaltaBib Necklace

·       CitySlim Clutch

Heather chose a more edgy look with a faux leather
shell and skinny denim jeans from CAbi.

She glammed up this look with classic flats
from Banana Republic and a
statement necklace from Stella & Dot. 

Renee's look is girly and chic.
This blue and white CAbi shirt dress is so comfortable,
and I love how she used complimentary orange accessories
to make the colors really pop!

Wedges are a great option for the day.
They don't cause any damage to floors,
and they’re super cute!

Get Renee’s Look
·       Blue Shirt Dress
·      Gold Wedge Sandal
·       Coral Cay Necklace

·       Double Clutch bag

My look will be on the blog next week!

ciao! fabiana

April 29, 2014

vintage inspired jewelry display

My newly acquired, "had-to-have-it"
dress form from Magnolia Mews.

as you can see, I have a thing about pearls...

This little cameo is so feminine.

This opal brooch is my absolute favorite
(opal is my birthstone)

and was given to me my mother 
who also loves vintage jewelry.

I got this vintage Guess crown brooch 
when I was in high school when it was new!

ciao! fabiana


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