May 1, 2014

what not to do when on a home tour...

On this week's episode, 
went on the Hamptons Holiday House Home Tour, 
which was filmed last Summer.  

Here are some lessons on what 
not to do when on a home tour... 

1.  Don't lay around 
on the furniture and gossip.

2. Don't be drinking Mimosas 
or other cocktails on the tour.

 3. Don't think you can make yourself at home!

 4. Don't try to peel off the wallpaper, 
even if it is removable!

A pretty outdoor table is set, 
with melamine dishware by Luann.

5. Leave it to Ramona to 
fling a dish into the pool, frisbee style.  
A definite no-no! 

And no, they don't float.
Luann's plates were available 
for a limited time on QVC.

I was dying to know what this woman said to them.

Since we are on the subject of decor, 
Heather's home is fabulous!

and Carole's style is so chic,
but it's probably time to 
reupholster the old tiger sofa. 

I can't wait to see the transformation!

I wonder if she will keep this vintage chandelier?

She even has a bedazzled dress 
form in her closet, like me! 

Here's mine.

Really Ramona?  Throwing wine?
How much of the show do you think is staged? 

ciao! fabiana

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