October 14, 2011

breakfast at ikea

I started my day with breakfast at IKEA.  
I love the old-style cafeteria format.  

It's so easy and fast, and kind of nostalgic.

Table by the window to enjoy my 
Spinach and Cheese Crepes,  
Potato Broccoli cakes 
and a really good cup of coffee (only 50 cents)

The dining room was sunny and so quiet. 
It was really nice to enjoy a little peace 
after getting the kids off to school.

And, now on to shopping...

They have some interesting graphic fabrics.

I need to find a spot in my house for 
one of these clear acrylic chairs.

So cool.

I'm thinking about this bed for one of my teenagers.

 He's outgrown his twin, 
and this bed frame has hidden 
storage in the headboard.

I have to see if these pull-out shoe holders 
would somehow fit into my closet system.  

They're a real space saver.   

They have an awesome kitchen section.  

Only $2.99 for a milk frother ...
Perfect for my morning cappuccinos

Gotta love Audrey!

Ooooh, a new item...
hmm, Mirror, Mirror on the wall, 
who's the fairest one of all?  

I might need one of these for my castle!  

ciao! fabiana

October 12, 2011

Kim & Kyle

I just love the synchronicity of this picture.  

It cracks me up!

For you RHOBH fans out there, what do you think about this season so far? It seems a bit staged to me, especially the scenes with Lisa and the engagement story line and all her restaurants. She hasn't really been involved with the other gals at all. 

Game night and the other parties would have been a lot more fun with her in the mix. I hold my breath every time Kim comes around, just hoping she's ok. I'm rooting for her. And, what do you think about Kyle so far? Mean girl or not? I'd love to hear what you all think...  

ciao! fabiana

October 10, 2011

johnny depp in vanity fair

Just a little 
Monday Morning Eye Candy...

ciao! fabiana

October 9, 2011

Paul McCartney weds

My favorite Beatle, 
Sir Paul got married today to 
beautiful bride, Nancy Shevell.  

Nancy looks stunning in a dress 
designed by Stella McCartney.   

I love the rose petals being thrown by the guests. 

We did the same thing at our wedding, 
and it feels truly magical. 

Did you notice the woman in the red dress? 

Yes, that is Barbara Walters 
She's the brides cousin.

The happy couple exiting the 
Marylebone Register Office in central London.  

Paul married Linda Eastman there in 1969. 
I think that's a lovely tribute to Linda, 
whom he loved so much.   

They are my new favorite couple.  
And, doesn't Paul look so good for being 69?  
It must be because he is a long-time vegetarian 
and only eats organic food. 

I think they both look great!

The venue


My favorite shot.

There certainly won't be 
a shortage of wedding photos.

Ringo arriving with his wife Barbara Bach. 

And, all this happened on 
what would have been 
John Lennon's 71st birthday.  

Paul's a true friend... 

ciao! fabiana


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