May 7, 2018

a tale of two gardens

Spring has really sprung around here!

I’m not sure if you remember,
 because this was a while ago,
but my neighbor Nancy had her garden

about four years ago.

Well, it’s finally being featured in this month’s issue

Yes, she’s now officially

the queen of the hill, haha!

It’s funny because originally
we thought they were going to highlight her

but instead they focused their story on

I think the article turned out great,
and I’m sure Nancy’s garden has changed
a lot over the last four years!

Maybe we can share some 
updated photos soon!

Just about a mile down the street from me
is the home of my dear friend Marion

who has her own amazing secret garden that
just keeps evolving as time goes by.

Over the years, her magical garden has

become a little outdoor oasis...

In fact, it’s so fabulous
that it was just one of six gardens to be highlighted
on the Sherman Gardens annual tour a few weeks ago.

Marion’s love of antiques and her

eye for European style really come through
in her garden.

we had a prime view of the side yard,

its fountain and all the little feathered friends
that make her garden come alive.

Marion favors plants that attract
butterflies and pretty birds.

This is one of the two paintings of the garden
that were created by artists during the tour.

Pretty garden urns planted with succulents.

Life imitates art,

or in this case, vise versa.

Marion found these antique gates at
a flea market in Pasadena...

and now they mark the entrance to her

A lovely shady spot.

A peek at the garden tour guide book.

And of course, the ever charming little Dante
enjoys every inch of the secret garden as well!

 ciao! fabiana

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  1. I love Marion's use of garden ornaments....that is something I could improve on in my yard. And those amazing iron gates!!!


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