February 21, 2018

jennifer aniston, nicky hilton & more

Jennifer Aniston 

graces the cover of Architectural Digest this month 


the timing could not have been more A W K W A R D…

( you know, with her divorce just announced. )

I’m not one to kick anyone when they’re down, 

so I won’t!

I appreciate her style, but it’s not exactly
my cup of tea… so…

I’m sharing some of my favorite pages with you…

To me, 

Jennifer’s style is serious, earthy and
dare - i - say,
a bit masculine….

so very zen…

you don’t see a lot of color in her spaces…

“a scene of pure domestic bliss”… A W K W A R D…


In this same issue,

Candace Bergen and her daughter Chloe Malle
livened things up a bit by hamming it up in the

garden of their gorgeous East Hampton home.

They’re soooo cute!

That alfresco table with the blue windsor chairs are
set with perfection,

and are right up my alley!!

It looks like something out of a fairy tale,

doesn’t it?


Nicky Hilton Rothschild also brightens up this issue
with her fun and cheery décor.  

Which home was your favorite?

ciao! fabiana

p.s.  these pillows are so fun!

photo credit:  Architectural Digest


Marena said...

LOVE all of this.

BeColorful said...

Loved this. The commentary made it. LOL. Thanks for sharing. I would have missed most of it.


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