February 8, 2018

a vintage inspired mardi gras table

This year Lent starts on Valentine’s day,
so for those of us who follow this observance,

we might have a double celebration on Mardi Gras….

and that may mean indulging in  
Valentine’s day chocolates a day early!!

In any event,

my inspiration this year was for an
old New Orleans- inspired Mardi Gras tablescape.

When I think of New Orleans,
fabulous architecture and antiques come to mind.

I wanted a little bit of that history on my table,
so I chose a more sophisticated approach to my table d├ęcor.

Of course, we must have purple, gold and green,
the obvious colors of Mardi Gras,
but I wanted to use them in a more toned down manner.  

For starters, we need pretty masks and party beads,
so I kept these accessories limited to gold tones.

I brought out some of my favorite
purple and white transferware


beautiful amethyst glass stemware.

A hint of green is brought in with a eucalyptus branch runner
down the center of the table which softens the look of the bold brass candlesticks.

I love the Spanish moss tucked around the roses and candles
It adds to the whole spooky vibe that
is sooo New Orleans.

White roses were the obvious choice
to bring in some of that elegant old-world beauty of 
New Orleans.

Simple gold flatware keeps the table a little modern and has great juxtaposition 
with the textured linen tablecloth that reminds me of 

old tattered 

anitque chairs.

I love this new white and gold vase

it’s so versatile for any type of flower and tablescape.

Along the bank of cabinets, behind the table,
the rest of my brass candlesticks are
adorned with more gold beads. 

And when the lights go down…

The magic starts to happen!

Flickering candlelight

is the best ingredient 

for any dinner party!

ciao! fabiana

And it all came together like this:

white napkins, vintage
White Roses, Trader Joe’s

1 comment:

Marena said...

You are so talented and inspiring Claudia! xo


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