February 3, 2018

candy hearts and pink tulips

Here’s a little
 pinteresting and fun flowerscape
I put together for

Valentine's Day

and all you need to pull off this look is
a pretty bunch of tulips and
two nesting glass vases. 

I spotted this idea on pinterest
a few years ago and thought it would be fun 

to recreate!

Place one cylindrical vase inside another
and just make sure you have a nice gap
inbetween the vases for filling with candy hearts.

One package of candy was all I needed
for this eight inch vase.

ciao! fabiana

candy by Oriental Trading
flowers by Trader Joe’s


  1. Your blog is so pretty, inspiring and beautifully photographed! I just love getting my email with your posts~ Thank you!! And I am so going to copy your flower arrangement with the candies!!

  2. What a beautiful flower arrangement and perfect for Valentine's Day! Happy weekend!

  3. Hi Lisa.

    Thanks so much for checking in with my blog! I appreciate your comments so much!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Yes. Fun, and I probably wouldn't be tempted to eat them. Hehe


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