May 13, 2017

a garden party for mom

I’m so thankful that we have warm weather
in store for the weekend,
because I’m planning on setting up my little
farmhouse table out in the back yard
in the garden for my mom and I
 to enjoy together.

The formula is quite simple.
Pretty flowers, a few candles, vintage tableware
and yummy food!

What mom wouldn’t like to sit out
here and be pampered?

My mom is Italian, so she loves to be 
alfresco and she really enjoys the
 marriage of enjoying food and family together. 

I'm an only child, so she and I are really close
and we talk everyday, 
mostly about food 
and the latest real housewives drama, 

Luckily, she doesn’t live far,
so she’ll be over tomorrow
and we can spend the whole day together
with the rest of our family.

I’ve always loved brass candlesticks,
and now I pick them up where ever I see them,
like thrift stores or even Pottery Barn.

I’ve got quite a collection now,
and I love to mix and match
the shorter ones with the taller ones,
and a few in between.

Some are more polished and some have
 a lovely weathered patina, but they all look great together!

They also pick up on the brass trimmed 
hexagonal terrariums from Oriental Traders.

And I love how they look with these
gold rimmed glasses that I found 
at the Assistance League.

This natural fiber table runner adds just the right
amount of texture to the table.   

I pick up three different shades of pink roses
at Trader Joe’s to mix together for a ombre-ish look.

Rose petal scattered on the table provide the most romantic touch!

And by romantic, I don't mean lovey-dovey,
I mean old-fahioned.

And speaking of romantic, 
why not light a few candles during lunch?
As long as you’re not in bright sunlight, it’s quite festive.

Pink roses have a way of brightening my day….
I hope your day is bright too!

Have a lovely Weekend!


ciao! fabiana

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your table looks lovely, and what mother wouldn't enjoy sitting out there with her favorite daughter?? Please tell us what delectable foods you served your mom to go with your beautiful table! And Happy Mother's Day to you both!
Carol in SD


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