May 24, 2017

setting an outdoor table for the weekend

I found the perfect combination of 
red, white and blue outdoor plates and bowls
this week at Home Goods.

Outdoor table settings 
are all about easy-care tableware and accessories.
You don't want things getting broken or damaged
while you're trying to have fun!

That’s why I love 
these stylish melamine plates and
they'll be a pretty focal point at the table.

I’m just playing around with the setting today,
so I’ll be all ready for guests this weekend.

I’ll have more time for prepping and cooking,
if I know what going on the table.

Planning it all ahead of time and
setting the tableware aside,
 will make setting the table 
an easy chore on Sunday.

I love how the patterns
 interplay with each other so far!
The paisley and bandana fabrics 
of the the runner and napkins really 
compliment the patterns on dishes!

Here’s how the look is coming together so far…

Dinner Plates: Tommy Hilfiger
Salad Plates: Tommy Hilfiger
Bowls: Christopher Vine, Australia
Bamboo Cutlery: Ebay
Raffia Place Mat: IKEA
Table Runner: Cynthia Rowley
Votives: Oriental Trading
Pepsi Glass: vintage

ciao! fabiana

1 comment:

cindy hattersley design said...

Hi Claudia I would love to buy all three sets of your napkins on ebay if I could pay extra for expedited shipping! I need them by Friday yikes!!

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