May 26, 2017

the weekend kids table and more

The kids’ table is ready, and here’s a little peek at it.

As I said, I‘m using paper goods this weekend for their table,
and, I found the cutest square plates with
chevron stripes at Oriental Trading.
And look at how cute the star shaped paper plates are…
They’re so perfect together!

The plastic utensils have been wrapped
in cute napkins and tied off with
 red and white baker’s twine. 

Polka dotted patriotic paper lanterns
will be swaying in the breeze!

Some of our friends are bringing beverages,
so I thought I’d brighten up these plain water bottles
with a little red, white and blue washi tape.

I’ve never used washi tape before,
but I’ve seen lots of fun projects on pinterest.
It’s really easy to use,
and it’s kind of similar to masking tape.

I just created a flag design on the bottles
with 3 rows of the washi tape...

so easy!

I planted up this wooden flower box a few weeks ago with
white alyssum, blue lobelia and red geraniums,
and now they’re in full bloom and ready for the weekend.

They’ll sit on the beverage table nearby.  

I couldn’t resist a few bunches of these cute daisies
when I spotted them at Trader Joe’s.

They’re soooo cheery and look so cute with this festive décor.

The grown-ups will have their utensils
and napkins ready to go too!

These recycled glasses are
so practical, cute and affordable,
I now have a few different 
sets in different shades of blue and green.

I love mixing patterns and textures!

“Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?”

Do you remember that quote from
the movie  “You’ve got Mail”?
Meg Ryan says it to Tom Hanks when
she’s sick and he brings her daisies.

These daisies are actually chamomile
and they smell so soothing.

I also painted these little white clay pots.
All I needed were a few red ones and 
a few blue ones to scatter around the yard and tables!

Memorial Day is a sacred holiday.
It’s a day to remember and honor all
those who lost their lives fighting for our country.

And even though Monday’s a “holiday”,
it’s somewhat of a bittersweet day.
It’s a day to celebrate the freedom
we all enjoy,
while remembering the sacrifices so many
soldiers have made for us.

Let’s hope all the
pretty red, white and blue décor
that we see this weekend,
will remind us of how
lucky we are to be Americans!

ciao! fabiana

Here are some of the items used in these looks…

Paper Plates: Oriental Trading
Paper Lanterns: Oriental Trading
Washi Tape: Oriental Trading
Raffia Water Glasses: Serena & Lily
Red Checked Napkins: vintage
Clay Pots: Oriental Trading
Wood Flower Box: Oriental Trading
Wooden Tray: Oriental Trading
Flatware:  World Market
Red Bandana Napkins:  ebay
Melamine Plates:  Tommy Hilfiger
Recycled Glass Water Glasses:  Home Goods
Small Stoneware Pitcher: vintage


Sally Cote' said...

I would love to be a guest at this party!

Claudia Fabiana said...

Thanks, Sally! Have a wonderful weekend...


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