May 6, 2013

the old-town tustin home & garden tour

The McCharles House serves a delicious and charming 
“high-tea” in their Victorian house and old-fashioned garden.

Saturday was a gorgeous day here in Orange County. Perfect for the Tustin Historical Society who was hosting their 17th annual promenade of lovely historic homes and gardens. 

I had been on this tour once before, and was really looking forward to exploring this charming area again. 

This year they featured a lovely collection of historic homes, most of them built between the 1880's and the 1930's. 

The guides and hostesses were all so friendly and informative, and I could really feel the sense of pride they had for their neighborhood. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite things about this year's tour! 
a pretty hollyhock greets visitors at the McCharles House.

The Pankey home is a 1928 Monterey Spanish Revival house,
and features the oldest surviving sycamore tree in the area.

Mrs. Pankey has lived in this house since 1956.
She is in the center posing with the
May Pole dancers from Tustin High School.

This is the Edgell home originally built in 1905.
It has doubled in size over the years

A charming neighborhood home.

The Clifford house has a very creative garden
& front porch. This tall dresser was planted with
a variety of succulents and cottage flowers. 

The porch of the Clifford house. The home was built in 1884
in the California Craftsman style.
Flamingos and Xanadu were the themes for this year's tour.

A pretty shaded chandelier adds drama to the black and
white porch.  Pops of red brighten the space.  

Another vignette of the cute porch with yet another dresser.
This one is planted in patriotic colors.

A whimsical fairy garden is a lovely surprise for visitors of the Clifford house.

A pretty quartet serenaded guests at the Johnson home.

All set up for lunch on the porch!

My favorite little vignette!

The Zell garden was expansive and featured this cozy outdoor fireplace.
A  charming sitting area close to the garden and to the left of the fireplace.

A small children's playhouse
with a loft in the Zell garden.

This walking tour also offered the comfort of an old-fashioned buggy ride.

Pretty landscaping for this historic 1926 home.

Cheery succulents.

Happy birds must live here.

A lovely little mason jar vignette at the front door

A glamorous laundry room is always fun to see!

Another little fairy garden in the Berryman Cottage.

Pretty in pink

Another pretty Victorian.
The tour started right across the street from one of my favorite restaurants, Rutabegorz, so of course my friend Nancy and I ended our fun day with lunch there.

We had a fun lunch at one of our favorite spots,Rutabegorz!
Their featured appetizer was
an artichoke, olive and tomato dip with chips, only 47¢!

I love Old Town Tustin!

ciao! fabiana


Ramblings of the Recently Retired said...

As president of the Tustin Area Historical Society, I want to thank you on behalf of our hard-working event committee for posting on both the TAHS and Columbus Tustin Facebook pages. And the photos are lovely! I wish I had been able to personally meet you yesterday--it is SO nice to hear that you enjoyed our event! We put on this event every year with the hope of giving not only our own community the opportunity to explore this charming part of Tustin, but also to reach out to neighboring communities such as yours. Thank you! We are glad you love Tustin and that you had a good time at our event!

Claudia Fabiana said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! My friend and I really enjoyed our day in Old Town Tustin. We really look forward to next year. I will be posting more photos and posts about the tour yesterday. I took so many lovely photos, that I will have to spread them out over a few days.

Unknown said...

There are so many things that caught my attention. So cute! The town is so amazing. I would love to go there if there's any chance.

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