July 25, 2017

sincerely succulents

Who doesn’t love succulents?

Not only are they pretty,
but they’re so easy to care for!

And speaking of pretty,
it doesn’t get any prettier
than the arrangements and displays
at Roger’s Gardens.

So today,
I’m just sharing some fun
garden inspiration…

with beautiful combinations
of color and texture.

These beauties are truly the gems of the garden. 

My favorite ones have a rosette shape
and hints of pink!

I love the juxtaposition
of the succulents with...

the rustic textures of wood, terracotta and
the gravel paths they
use at Roger’s.

ciao! fabiana


Mary Tice said...

Love these! Are succulents hard to keep alive? I was considering getting some and I think your post pushed me into the "buy today" mindset but I have never attempted to keep succulents alive before.

Claudia Fabiana said...

Hi Mary. Yes, they're pretty easy to care for. Let me know if you get a few!


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