December 24, 2017

an eclectic holiday neighborhood

Christmas greetings from Newport Beach! So many of the homes are all decked out for the season, and I wanted to give you a little glimpse of the local charm here from Newport Heights.

This first lovely Georgian style home belongs to our friends Sandra and Don. I love the cute Santa hats on the two canine statues! Aren't they fun?

Driving through the neighborhood, it’s interesting to see all the eclectic styles of homes and holiday décor. A Merry Christmas banner is the perfect choice for this traditional front porch, and I love the hint of red in these flower bowls with the cyclamen flowers.  

This glitzy blue and white Hanukkah wreath was really pretty in person. It sparkled so beautifully in the sunlight.

So here’s wishing you all a fabulous holiday season 
and a very Merry Christmas…

from sunny Newport Beach.

merry christmas!

x o x o   fabiana

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