December 5, 2017

a little rosemary is just perfect!

If you live in Southern California,
chances are you have a very healthy
rosemary plant growing in your garden.

If you’re in another geographic location,
I’d recommend a cute little rosemary plant for your kitchen…

that way you can take advantage of its
fragrance and its dainty evergreen foliage this time of year. 

Just a little clipping goes a long way!

Rosemary is especially nice for place cards,
since it's the herb that represents remembrance,
it's also quite a sentimental accent.

Slip a little spring in with your napkins too

for an elegant and simple touch of holiday green.

And since rosemary is an herb,
it’s a natural choice for garnishing cakes during the holidays.

This cake looks perfect with the addition of
rosemary, fennel fronds and pomegranate seeds. 

Turned upside-down a little clipping of
rosemary looks like a tiny Christmas tree. 

And here’s a lovely cake tree adorned with sugared cranberries.

The heartiness of rosemary also lends itself to 
becoming a skewer for party appetizers.

Reinvent your prosciutto and melon game 
with the addition of this fabulous herb!

Or maybe grilled pineapple and fresh mozzarella
is more to your liking.

The fragrance is also perfect for garnishing cocktails.

It pairs especially well with citrus fruits. 

And here's an extra special way to show off your love of rosemary…

Create a simple wreath, just by layering small cuttings of rosemary
 in a circular  pattern on a large platter.

Then all you need to do is add festive olives, tomatoes
peppers, cheese and any other goodies you may think of!

It's the perfect holiday party plate!

ciao! fabiana

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