November 3, 2016

gorgeous and traditional kid-friendly home

Lisa Baskin and her four young children lived in their 5,500-square foot family home in Brentwood for a few years, but the interior never felt quite right for this young, fun family. Then she found the perfect collaborator, interior designer Christine Markatos Lowe, known for her eclectic and colorful style. Christine gave Lisa some great ideas for conquering her love for the traditional and funky. 

They kept the existing bones of the 1920s Georgian house, but modernized it to feel like a family home that is kid-friendly and mom-approved. The house is far from bland and neutral. 

Feminine furniture, pattern and color were the general theme. With a lively family living in this house, and lots of friends that come over, Christine says, “Nothing can be too precious. Every space needed to also be for the children, as well as Lisa.”

ciao! fabiana

via L.A. Times


  1. I recognized the outside of this home right away! Back in Feb. 2002 I saved an InStyle Magazine article about the house that included many stunning photos. Back then it belonged to Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen. Since then, it has gone through an interior transformation, but the outside remains basically the same. It's still as lovely as ever. Thanks for posting! ~~Carol in San Diego

    1. Wow! I had no idea! Thanks for letting us know.

      ciao xoxo

  2. Gorgeous! lovely and classy ;)


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