December 23, 2018

a pre-christmas surprise wedding

Christina ElMoussa of Flip or Flop just announced her marriage to British TV host Ant Anstead yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier!

There was a little something out of the ordinary yesterday… My husband and I were just coming home from a late lunch at The Country Club, a yummy restaurant on 17th street, and noticed like a million cars parked on Santiago, overflowing onto Tustin Avenue and beyond.

Well this explains it! They were there for Christina’s wedding… you see she recently moved in around the corner from us.

Christina also recently shared her collaboration with local interior designer Raili Classen. Raili’s spruced up Christina’s home in the most hip and cool beachy sort of way. Check out these pics from Raili and Christina’s Instagram…

You may recognize Raili from some of my previous posts or from the Newport Harbor Home Tour. She’s had a home featured on the tour almost every year!

That’s not the only Newport Harbor Home Tour connection… You see Christina’s new home was featured on the home tour in 2016 when Shannon from Prairie Home Styling completely renovated it.

So if you were on the home tour in 2016, you technically have been in Christina’s house!

News broke over the summer, that Christina had moved into to this lovely home with the oversized yard and lovely, hip styled interior, but wait… 

the style wasn’t up to snuff with Christina, so an overhaul of the interior was at the top of the list.

Here’s a peek at the light and bright office, redesigned by Raili.

And here’s the before picture,
 as it appeared in HGTV Magazine. 

The master bedroom, as it was in 2016.

And here we are during the Newport Harbor Home Tour in 2016.

One of our earliest meetings at the home was during construction!

I love this birds eye view of the master bedroom from before Christina. I wonder how she’s styled it now!

This home has an amazing backyard that’s so perfect for parties! I can’t wait to see more wedding shots from her newly updated yard.

Here are a couple of exterior shots from our home tour files…

above, during the home tour and 
below when Christina bought the home.

And by the way, you can read more on Raili here and check out a handful of beautiful homes she’s designed.

This is Raili’s Lido Isle home from the 2018 home tour. And speaking of the Newport Harbor Home Tour, mark your calendars for May 16th, the next home tour! 

Our co-chairs Marena and Gina have been busy selecting homes for the tour, and the 2019 home tour promises to be another super fun day!

ciao! fabiana

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Photo credit: 
People Magazine, Christina ElMoussa,
 Raili Classen and Newport Harbor Home Tour.

For more Newport Harbor Home Tour inspiration,
check out this brand new book:


Marena said...

Loved this post Claudia! So much good stuff. Thanks for the shout-out for the Home Tour. YOU are an important part in it all. We will have a nice eclectic mix again this year. Happy Holidays! xo

Claudia Fabiana said...

I'm really looking forward to the home tour!

Happy New Year, Marena!


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