June 10, 2014

ladies of london - fave new show!

My new favorite show, Ladies of London 
is kind of like a modern day Downton Abbey 
meets the real housewives.

The show revolves around the lives
of six London women with plenty of drama.  

And, it's better than any of the real housewives franchises,
because all the girls are have fabulous style,
homes and businesses.
 Four of the gals are American born
and are trying to fit into the social circles of the London elite.  

{Marissa is actually from Newport Beach!}

Caroline and Annabelle were born and bred into a world
of luxury and class of the English upper-crust.  

So far two episodes have aired,
and if you are like me,
it's worth watching just to see their fabulous outfits,
parties and the gorgeous flats they live in.

Caroline is a native Brit and

owns an upscale gift company, Gift Library

Marissa and her husband Matt

 own several fabulous restaurants and clubs.

Caprice is pregnant right now on the show,
while her surrogate is also expecting her

other baby one month before her own due date.

Caprice with almost twins Jett and Jax

Annabelle was Alexander McQueen's best friend and muse. 

Juliet is a fashion stylist

and mom of two.

And their homes are fabulous as well.

The actual Earl of Sandwich and his wife live here.

Caroline's living room.

...and her master bath, 

below, is a preview of her new housewares shop.

Let me know what you think of the show! 

ciao! fabiana

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