August 11, 2016

inside ellen pompeo's los angeles home

In the September issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, Grey’s Anatomy star and admitted homebody Ellen Pompeo invites GH into her Los Angeles abode for a sneak peek at how she relaxes at home. 

For Ellen, this home is truly where her heart is. With the help of her friend and interior decorating partner, Martyn Lawrence Bullard. 

They worked together on every inch of this renovation and design, often drawing inspiration from fashion, a favorite hotel in Morocco and popular hangouts like Soho House in New York (which gave her the idea to put big velvet sofas in the rooms).

“Every room was sort of inspired by something different. A lot of fashion design inspired a lot of the rooms.” --EP

“The house represents [my family] because it’s hip but also comfortable. The furniture tells a story once it’s been lived in. 

That’s what makes a house a home. I’m a straight-up homebody. It’s hard to get me out of the house once the sun goes down.” --EP

“The house was like an old relic. It hadn’t been updated since it was built in the 20s. Everything about the house needed to be refreshed; the gardens, especially. 

There were no gardens. It was just a yard full of dirt. So to build the gardens was so fun, something that I had never done before. I’m still not finished, I’ll keep adding to it. 

To be able to have all the fruit trees and the chickens and everything, I think it’s so nice for the kids. I think everything I did outside was with the girls in mind.”  --EP

Ellen shares more about the inspiration for her home design, how her happy home and family life is the complete opposite of her childhood, how she’s most like Meredith Grey and her dream guest stars for Grey’s Anatomy

Check out the September issue of Good Housekeeping, on newsstands August 16 for all the rest!

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Love that she loves gardening, like me. I would love to visit.

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Where can I purchase an awning like this one?

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