September 8, 2015

a neutral fall palette

I am keeping my fall décor neutral so far this year, keeping with the white, soft metallics and natural materials as my color scheme.  I’m sure I won’t be able to resist a pop of orange here and there as we get closer to Halloween, though!   Updating vintage jack-o-lanterns with metallic spray paint is a great way to neutralize your holiday décor and create a little bit more of an elegant look.  Right now my jack-o-lanterns are turned backwards, so they look like pumpkins.  Once October hits, I will turn their little faces forward!
Here are a few that I painted in soft gold.
before and after
This little white pumpkin was found at the Dollar Tree.  I like how this little inexpensive guy can just be nestled in with the real and vintage pumpkins in the vignette.

ciao! fabiana

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