Friday, October 31, 2014

my friday five

Happy Halloween!  Today is the day to indulge in fabulous sweets and treats and  I could not help but notice how enticing these Browned Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes are!  And, I know they will be delicious because Coco cooks the most fabulous food.  You can find her recipe here.  PS the frosting is brown butter fudge!
I just found out that one of my photos will be used on a mood board for a fabulous tv show in the UK called The Great Interior Design Challenge.  The show is scheduled to air on November 20th in the UK, but I am hoping to get a peek from their website.  Kind of random, but fun news! 
My new favorite treat is Foxy’s Frozen Yogurt’s “Frisky” flavor aka Pecan and Praline Crunch.  It’s so yummy and not so bad in the calorie department, only 120 calories.  They also make Cheeky, Sneaky, Naughty, Sassy and Fancy flavors.  Which one do you want to try? It’s available at Gelson’s, Fresh and Easy Markets and other gourmet shops.  I love their fun retro vibe too!
This has got to be everyone’s favorite Halloween special, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". Here are 9 favorite quotes from our dear Peanuts characters.
 Happy Halloween!

ciao! Fabiana

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

same house, two different Fall looks

This is an iconic house here in the neighborhood.  It stands out on it’s own as a beautifully designed home, but during the holidays, it really comes to life!  I took photo number one for my blog a few years ago and photo number two is in a recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine .    
It’s fun to see the evolution of this home, inside and out.  Home owner Jeanne Carmack has amazing style and eye-catching ideas, like these straw wreaths used indoors and outdoors for a gorgeous Autumn display.  Check out her home’s own pinterest board here.      

ciao! Fabiana

Sunday, October 26, 2014

favorite October mantels

There are only a few days left to enjoy what's left of October, and I wanted to share with you some  fun mantel décor that caught my eye this week.    This first one is playful, yet elegant too.  A few simple black paper bats add height and charm to this traditional white mantelpiece.  Add to it some black and white accessories to complete the look.  
A variety of pumpkins and pine cones set 
the mood in this French Country Cottage .
Spooky artwork and black ivy accent the "Boo" lettering. 
 Black cheesecloth, bare branches and vintage touches 
add mystery to this otherwise all white backdrop. 
Isn't the masquerade mask a fun accent? 
Mid-century style with just a touch of orange. 
Brown paper flowers remind us of Autumn 
and are so pretty in this neutral vignette.
Why not create your own display using natural elements like 
gourds and branches that will last right through Thanksgiving?

ciao! Fabiana

Thursday, October 23, 2014

host the perfect Halloween dinner party

a great menu is a must! 
make sure you have a signature cocktail
and a pretty table setting with  place cards
make the appetizers and food fun!
create an interesting backdrop 
an inverted fish bowl can add drama
wouldn't you love to enter a party like this?
the more candles the better!
a little glitter never hurt anyone... 
and how about a unique costume?  
For photo sources, visit Halloween Dinner.

ciao! Fabiana

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

decor : Rachel Zoe style

An inside look at fashion stylist Rachel Zoe's L.A. home.
love the bright white walls and accents!
everything is so polished and glossy
wood paneled walls add warmth in the den 
more white, with just a hint of black 
Skyler's stylish and cozy bedroom
and he already is quite a collector!
our favorite part of Rachel's home, her closet...
and take a look at Skyler's closet!   

via  inStyle

ciao! Fabiana
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