Monday, September 1, 2014

audrey hepburn smile

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”   --Mother Teresa

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Friday, August 22, 2014

a peek at Lisa Vanderpump's "Pump"

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills' 
Lisa Vanderpump's new restaurant Pump is stunning!
And, surprise, surprise look who collaborated with her on the decor...
Bravo's own Jeff Lewis, talented designer and idiosyncratic reality star.  
 Pump is filled with glamour, drama and sexy details.
You enter the courtyard through a wrought iron gate, 
which is embellished with a golden coat of arms.
So British! 
 Olive trees and candles create a intimate setting.
Here are three different vignettes of that same space.
Lighting is the key to a romantic mood
 A group of vintage chandeliers above the bar is stunning
You can always count on Lisa for glamourous details.
{pretty cocktails too}
Vintage finishes and furnishings add to the charm.
  Wouldn't you love to lunch with these two?

Photos via Domaine Home and Pump.

 ciao! Fabiana
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

coastal shingle style homes

For that instant coastal cottage look,  I love the look of cedar shingles.  
Their texture and rustic quality can be the beginning of great curb appeal.
This fun shingle style has several distinct elements...
Contrast colors and finishes to really highlight each feature. 
Black shutters look especially fabulous with this look.
You can achieve more of a cottage look with charming details.
America meets French country
a muted palette of grays and lavender. 
 Stately lakeside living style has a 
handed-down through the generations quality. 
With a symmetrical and straight-forward design, 
all this home's attention is focused on the entry.
{very New England}
Add drama with a formal black door and beautiful planted urns. 
Welcome friends and family with a home that is 
inviting, and more importantly,  personal to your style.

Do you have a favorite shingle home style?
Photographic sources can be found here.

ciao! Fabiana

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

blue and white : an outdoor focal point

Blue and white pottery and dishes don't have to be
reserved for interiors only.  There are lots of great ways 
to display your beautiful collections outdoors. 
A tiled mural is accented with more blue and white,
 in a symmetrical display using plates and platters.
Here's another version of the symmetrical plate display,
this time they have also added lamps and pillows as well. 
Mary McDonald loves using pots, ginger jars and urns outdoors.
Love this, but these homeowners must be childless and dogless!
A little corner is all you need for a collection.
Very formal, but somehow the blue and white makes if homey too!
Below is a small bit of blue and white at Casa Ciao.

ciao! Fabiana

Sunday, August 17, 2014

sunday supper Parisian style

I have just cooked this up to serve  with dinner tonight. 
As a follow-up to Friday's post, I really wanted to try this  recipe 
which simply features watercress, potatoes and milk.
A few little tastes of it reveal a silky and surprisingly refreshing flavor!
And, it took only about 20 minutes in all to prepare
(including peeling and boiling potatoes). 
I can't wait to serve it to my family tonight with
salad and some crunchy, toasted french bread.. 

Potage Cressonniere  (Watercress Soup)  6 – 8 Servings 
1 lb potatoes  (I used red potatoes)
1 teaspoon salt
1 ½ pints milk
(3 cups, heated)
one bunch of watercress
1 oz butter
(2 teaspoons)
Peel the potatoes, quarter them and boil them in salted water until tender.
 Drain, crush them with a potato-masher, and when free from all lumps add the boiling milk and salt.
 While the potatoes are soaking, wash and pick the leaves off the watercress and chop roughly.
Add to the soup and cook for 5-6 minutes.
Take off the fire and add the butter.

Pour into a hot tureen and serve.
"This recipe has been chosen by me as a favorite recipe for the simple, logical reason that I had it for the first time on my first trip to the most beautiful city in the world, Paris. It was a happy time, as it always is in Paris, so I pass this on hoping that a flavor of the city of the chestnut trees will be felt by all who have Potage Cressonniere." -- Lauren Bacall

au revoir! Fabiana
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