September 2, 2015

a different kind of lily for fall

Liriope is one of my favorite, easy-to-grow garden plants, and this time of the year, they produce tons of these lovely little lavender flowers.      
Also known as Lilyturf, it’s also a great ground cover that does well in sun or shade.  Do you have any growing in your garden?    

ciao! fabiana

5 pretty bamboo desk chairs

A bamboo chair is the perfect accent for a home work space . I am seeing this look more and more and really love it!  And the good news is, you can still pick up one of these vintage chairs at a second hand store for next to nothing.  Painting it a fun color is another great option.  Then add an interesting fabric for the cushion, and you’re all set! 

photos   1  |   2  |  3  |  4  |  5

ciao! fabiana

September 1, 2015

september sunflowers

Nothing says “September” more than a bunch of fresh sunflowers.
And they are so affordable right now!

ciao! fabiana

August 25, 2015

summer into fall table setting

With the end of summer drawing near, I am bringing a little more orange and gold into my home.  A little pop of orange on the table can always elevate my mood.  Grape vines strewn at the center of the table enhance the vibe of this tablescape, and a few wild flowers add brightness.  Vintage glasses and bamboo flatware finish off the look.  What’s your favorite color to use at your table?

ciao! fabiana

August 19, 2015

favorite looks from Barclay Butera

A beautiful gray front door and brick fountain
greet visitors at Barclay’s Newport Beach home.
Our friend Kerry’s home is designed with fun 
bursts of orange and is balanced by the elegance of navy 
blue damask pillows and window coverings. 
I love all the natural elements too.
The mirror is my favorite piece of this showroom vignette.
Great storage options in this beach house.
This collection of clocks and books looks amazing together. 
A beach house bedroom has a lived-in look that's achieved
with the contrast of crisp white and warm wood tones.
Doesn’t it work perfectly?

ciao! fabiana

August 18, 2015

5 ways to reduce anxiety during travel

1. Anticipatory Anxiety is the number one issue with most fearful flyers. The only way to overcome this is by gradually learning to feel more comfortable during flight, so before hand, you will have less to worry about.
2. Don’t check the weather more than 2 days out from your trip.  This causes a large amount of anxiety should the flyer see a percentage for rain or storms. The truth is, it is not that accurate that far out anyway!
3. Pack a few days early! Rushing around packing the night before while you are already anxious will only fuel the fire.
4. Exercise, and avoid caffeine. Exercising can help minimize the effects of anxiety, while caffeine can increase the effects.
5. At the airport, the TSA security check is an anxiety increaser, but not if you’re prepared. Take off all jewelry, remove all items from pocket, take belt off, all prior to getting in line. Put all of the items in your carry on, and this way, you’re not rushing to remove everything while everyone behind you is waiting on you. It’s the little things that alleviate stress!
These great tips come from Captain Tim Griffin’s company Fly Home.  Fly Home  is designed to help people overcome any fear related to flying: Visit Fly Home LLC for more info. 
images via travel

ciao! fabiana
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