August 30, 2013

that orange county "ginger jar"

That jar is kind of cute!

What caught my attention on
the OC Housewives reunion this week
was not Briana, Brooks and Vicki going at it,
but the background décor (typical for me hahaha). 

I have the same white ginger jars
that I got at TJ Maxx!

Over the shoulder of Andy

Ok, so the set designers must shop at TJ Maxx too!

This is one of a pair I got at TJ Maxx!

ciao! fabiana

August 29, 2013

new succulent garden and path

In the short time that I was in South Carolina,
my husband surprised me by having
front sideyard with a curvy flagstone path

I am so happy my vintage urn 
was used in the design.

I love how it turned out!

ciao! fabiana

August 7, 2013

a pop of orange

My favorite store for these days is
here in Newport Beach

They have  the most amazing coastal 
decor with these great pops of orange  

Isn't it fun?

ciao! fabiana

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