July 3, 2019

a fun 4th of july tablescape

What better reason than the 4th of July to go all out with the red, white and blue d├ęcor

I started working on this tablescape about a week ago, trying to get just the right combination of plates and colors established before I set the rest of the table.  

The inspiration for this table setting was using red and blue transferware in an interesting combination, but for an extra patriotic twist, I decided to use vintage souvenir state plates for fun!


Of course, they’re called “state plates” but many just depict cities. For the sake for this theme, I was lucky to have some states and cities represented that play an important part of our American history!

New York, San Francisco, Williamsburg, Chicago and Philadelphia are all included in the mix. The sixth plate from Lake George, New York is an unusual one that I added for sentimental reasons.  

I visited Lake George a few times while I was growing up in the Hudson River Valley. This plate is actually displayed on my wall the rest of the year, but I temporarily took it down for this table.

You may already know, I love a good theme, and in this instance, like in many, I incorporate several themes into one.

Since I live in Newport Beach, I thought it would be fun to add coastal twist to this patriotic table.

Placemats trimmed out with tiny seashells are the perfect contrast to the vintage plates and antique pine table.

And starfish are the PERFECT 4th of July accent and they play perfectly against the blue and white stripes of the table runner. It’s so reminiscent of the American flag, but in a fun, quirky sort of way.

Fallen red petals from the geraniums adds color!

Here’s an up close and personal look at the many layers and textures of this tablescape.

For the flowers, I was fortunate enough to have the blue and white hydrangeas in the garden. I recently planted these and a few others that were left from my photo shoot with Cottages & Bungalows.

The red ivy geraniums have been growing out by my pool for over twenty years, and proved to be the perfect color to add to the mix.

Well, now we’re ready for our small gathering on the 4th. I’m not sure what’s on the menu yet except I know we must include burgers, hot dogs and watermelon!

What do you suggest as a side dish?

Wishing you a safe Independence Day!

ciao! fabiana


Laura V. said...

Really beautiful tablescape. Love the transferware (Huge fan of that), and the quirky, vintage vibe it has going. Also thought the adding a beach/coastal to the mix was interesting, and it works. I will be inspired by this for sure for next years.

Mary said...

I may have missed it but what are the blue glasses?

Mary said...

I Amy have missed it but what are the blue glasses?

Mary said...

I may have missed it but what are the blue glasses? Love it all.

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