July 21, 2019

sunday drive part two

Last Sunday, I shared a favorite street of mine in Newport Beach called Hampshire Court. The gorgeous Cape Cod style home at the end of the cul de sac is a real showstopper and, last week I gave you a little tour of the inside.

Today the drive continues on Hampshire Court, but this time home is much different in style than the beautiful one decorated by Blackband Design. This interesting pink home was for sale recently, so we have little peek at the inside here.   

This home has that sort of south Florida and Bahamas vibe to it, and it even reminds me a little bit of the Beverly Hills Hotel. It needs a little updating in my opinion, but the décor is definitely old-school glam!

You can see the Cape Cod home from here.

See how close it is to the Cape Cod home?

Isn’t it fun to take this little Sunday drive, while not leaving the comfort of your own home, haha?


While I’m here today, I wanted to share some of my "Tablescaping Essentials" with you. I have a whole page on the Amazon website with my favorite picks for setting a beautiful table.

Quite often time is of the essence, and I have last minute projects or events to work on, so I turn to Amazon for one or two day delivery. You’d be surprised at how many amazing items they have to offer! And I'm constantly updating this page with my new favorites. 

You can check it out here, at Tablescaping Essentials.

ciao! fabiana


Loreen said...

I could move right in...the pink home looks like a resort💕

Celia Becker said...

Nothing like a Sunday drive on a lovely summer afternoon in Newport Beach. That house is charming and does remind me of South Florida. Thanks for the tour.

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