July 6, 2019

setting a moroccan inspired table

Take a look at how Ellen Pompeo and Martyn Lawrence Bullard set a gorgeous alfresco table with the most amazing Moroccan style!

First thing to remember is to make sure the menu compliments the décor. A gorgeous tray simply includes olives, fruit, cheeses and flat bread.

For the backdrop of the table, good friends Ellen and Martyn chose a black and white geometric fabric from Martyn’s own line.

Earthenware plates are good balance with the brass accessories that showcase a little bit of bling! 

And how about those cobalt blue Moroccan tea glasses that are used as vases for the gorgeous pink roses and little orange kumquats? 

Love it!

“Whether you’re designing a room or a party; to me it’s all about setting a mood.” I totally agree, Martyn!

Ellen can thank Martyn for the décor of her whole house, as seen here.

This outdoor area is so perfect for entertaining.

I love how they set this table with drinks and appetizers out by the pool. It’s so glamorous!

In the kitchen, the food is prepared early and can be served when all the guests are seated.

It looks like a fabulous party! I love how sophisticated the table setting is, and I'm a huge fan of Moroccan food! 

My husband and I visit our local Moroccan restaurant at least once a year. Known as Marrakesh, a Costa Mesa landmark, it has recently changed owners and remodeled their whole restaurant. In fact, it's now called Casablanca, and I hear it's really good! 

I'm so ready to try it! 

ciao! fabiana

Photos by Veranda

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