July 7, 2019

collecting: souvenir plates

Sometimes one little treasured find can spark a whole interest in collecting something new. Last summer, I was all hot and heavy into collecting vintage colored glassware, like Indiana glass

This summer, I’m into hunting for Vintage Souvenir Plates. I have picked up a few here and there over the years, but this time I’m focusing more on the transferware type, both the blue and red varieties. 

Blue Transferware Souvenir Plates and Red Transferware Souvenir Plates, both on my radar everytime I go into a thrift store, antique store or to a yard sale!

I just love to use them for my table settings, but they also work quite well in a wall collage with different plates.  

Recently on one of my thrifting adventures with my friend Laura at the Orange Circle, I found a few really great ones.

I think it’s so fun to collect Vintage State Plates from places I’ve visited, especially my favorite cities, like this La Jolla plate.

Seattle is another one of my favorite cities, and I couldn’t pass this plate up! We had lunch at the top of the Space Needle, which was quite memorable. 

And that’s what collecting and souvenirs are all about, memories. It’s a way for us to capture a moment in time, so we don’t forget about the fun time we had on vacation!

This New York State plate is quite different and so pretty with its pastel colors. I found this one a long time ago, and it’s one that I really treasure, having grown up in upstate New York.

It's a real beauty that crosses over to another collectable that I love, map plates. I have found some interesting ones from England and Scotland, as well. 

These next two photos are examples of pretty settings from Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

Aren’t they fun!?

via etsy

Here are a few collections from around the web that are interesting.

via Jojotastic

This week I even found an Italian souvenir plate that’s hand-painted and so pretty! Santa Margherita is a beautiful coastal town in northern Italy near Genoa. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to visit someday? 

Another new branch of my collecting tree, Vintage Italian Souvenir Plates. So Fun!

What do you enjoy collecting?

ciao! fabiana

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